Guns of Icarus Online Review

Editor’s note: Guns of Icarus Online is currently on sale during the Steam Autumn sale for £7.49 and can be found here.

The engines were burning up faster than I could repair them and with fire from both sides it seemed like this would be it. Frank was manning the wheel of this once great ship with another gentleman on the guns. As all hope quickly left we held on for the final moment. But luck was on our side as a fellow ship landed a kill shot to one of our attackers buying us the time we needed to escape and repair. Myself and Frank could relax a little bit longer.

That is, in a nutshell, the experience myself and a friend had with Guns of Icarus Online. A steampunk styled multiplayer shooter which uses large airships and a mix of weapons to carry out the battles. You take the role of one of three classes and then join a crew of miss-mass players to control the ship. It always a rush to man the wheel but the ‘captain’ is able to remove others from this position ensuring they have control. This is great when you have no idea how to pilot the ship and they do.

On the note of control let’s talk gameplay. Being a first person game you will find yourself running around the ship manning weapons, repairing damage and spotting enemy airships. It’s a simple case of running around with keyboard and mouse with controls popping up at the right time to inform you what to do. However, that is the issue I have with the controls. Unless you look through the options menu and character screens you will have no idea how everything works before your first match. A tutorial is lacking and therefore, it’s a bit of guesswork. Sure, you get controls and hints during the matches but they are so hard to read it’s nearly pointless. It’s a questionable design choice.

Touching back on the style of the game, Guns of Icarus Online is beautiful. Sure, it’s not the most stunning game in terms of graphics but the style is what makes it stand out. With a steampunk setting and use of airships, the artist have really gone to town to ensure the game looks great. From the look of the ships to the map visuals, they are all enjoyable to look at. Of course, your spend more time looking at the fire on your ships engine if you play like I do. Even so, the fire looks great.

It’s addictive to play after some time, be it a bit buggy.” Frank

Good points aside I have to say Guns of Icarus is somewhat of a let down. It’s fun to the point where it can be addictive and with a friend, it gets even better. Yelling at them as they pilot the ship the wrong way or to tell them the state of the fire below deck doesn’t get old. But Guns of Icarus has a range of technical issues that stop it being what it should be. Not to count the fact that the game feels very lacking in content with only one a few modes to battle it out in. At a price point of £14.99, it feels like you should get more for your money. At the current state, it seems unfinished.

However, even with a range of technical issues and questionable design choices that leave me feeling shipwrecked i feel that Guns of Icarus is worth your time. It’s a game that has a long way to go to be prefect but in it’s current state, bugs in all, it’s still a fun experience and a fresh new idea. I would say that if you can grab a friend or two to join you, you can bet that the experience will be better.

Guns of Icarus Online isn’t perfect, but it’s fun and addictive. Be it lacking here and there, it’s worth the play. Check it out!

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
All images and videos belong to their rightful owner and used under fair use.


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