Joshiraku Review

Chloe is back with more anime reviews with today’s looking at Joshiraku. Chloe is back and looking forward to reviewing more anime’s in the coming weeks. Now, to the review!

Okay then, the show I’d like to bring your attention to today is a comedy that is a bit unique to Japan. I can’t honestly think of anything western to compare it to. The show is based on a group of five Rakugo performers (rakugo being an older form of Japanese comedy) but the main show we see onscreen is their conversations backstage. Their fast paced bantering can, and often will, lead off on strange tangents which can leave viewers a little blindsighted as to what’s going on.

Similar to the series Lucky Star (2007), this anime is mostly based about the dialogue of the characters, and they talk about events that are currently effecting Japan. They also discuss famous locations and history from Japan, covering them in this colourful, fun fashion. But what sets it apart from older anime is how the girls talk through their dialogue lines rapidly and of course the content is aimed at an older audience than Lucky Star.

Each of the girls characters are unique and interesting and over the 13 episodes I had a lot of fun learning all their traits personalities. The quips and puns used are often clever and well timed; all references are explained, so it gives the viewer a chance to see different sides of Japanese culture whilst watching.

The only downside to the anime I could think of is that, occasionally, all the dialogue can be a little overwhelming. Those watching with subtitles may sometimes want to stop and/or rewind to catch what has just been said.

Other than that, I was sad to see this action packed, quick moving show reach its final episode. Really hoping they make a second season, but there are no plans announced as of yet.

Definitely one to watch if you’re into comedy, slice of life animes however; give it a watch when you get time!

Words: Chloe Cox
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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