Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Tonight we conclude Halloween Week with another great anime review from member Christian! Hope you enjoyed our spooky week of articles!

Note: The following anime contains content unsuitable for younger viewers and is intended for viewers of age 13 plus.

For those who aren’t looking for something scary but still want a bit of a Halloween feel, here’s a Shojou that might just fit the bill.

“Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge”, also known as “The Wallflower”, follows the trials of Ranmaru Morii, Takenaga Oda, Yukinojo Toyama and Kyohei Takano as they try to turn their landlady’s niece, Sunako Nakahara, into a ‘proper lady’, so that they can have free rent. Needless to say, things aren’t as easy as they had hoped.

It turns out that Sunako is a complete social recluse and is obsessed with the occult. To make matter even worse she is completely unable to interact with beautiful people, whom she refers to as “dazzling creatures”, and any attempt at prolonged contact causes her to have a nosebleed and collapse.

With appearances from characters such as the Goth Loli sisters, host club managers, delinquents and not to mention the landlady herself, there is plenty of funny moments to keep one interested.

The series is majorly episodic, with a couple of episodes towards the end following a cross episode storyline, which means that you can watch it at your own pace and maintain an understanding of the storyline as it progresses.

The anime relies heavily on the use of chibi characters and it is obvious that it was not created with a big budget, however this is not to say that it was horrendous, just not as clean-cut as newer higher budget anime.

By combining drama, a bit of romance and using comedy as the main driving force, this is not your typical Shojou and can be enjoyed by all.

Happy Viewing!

Happy Halloween!

Words: Christian James Dacombe
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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