Mysti’s Vocaloid Halloween Playlist

It’s our last day here at Yatta!’s Halloween week and to finish it off we have two articles for you today! Still in a creepy mood? Here’s member Mysti-chan’s suggestions for some Halloweeny Vocaloid songs to keep the Halloween spirit going!

Hey, Mysti here, and at this wonderful time of year, one thing I always do is make a delightfully creepy and eerie Halloween playlist. Not full of the cliché songs that most people might expect though, no, mine are almost always full of Vocaloid songs, and here are my favourites [in order of preference pretty much] this year:

Song: Kuusou Mesorogiwi – Alty mix
Vocaloid: Kagamine Len [append. Power]

Those of you that watch the anime Mirai Nikki [Future Diary] will most likely recognise this song, but the version I have chosen is a remix featuring Kagamine Len instead of the original singer. After listening to the original just now, it does sound rather more electronic, but I think that in a way this version is more creepy, as with the original I couldn’t really hear the song as well over all the choral parts. The lyrics themselves don’t seem particularly creepy, compared to others I’ve seen, heh.

Song: That Girl Is Not Scared of ME
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku [append. Dark]

This has a wonderfully eerie opening, featuring haunting cries and only the chirps of crickets as the beat slowly grows louder in the background. It then takes over completely to give you a great electronic intro. This song is done in Miku’s append voicebank, which has various different sub-voices, the one used for this being the ‘Dark’ voicebank. It sounds less pitchy than a lot of Miku’s early songs, which is great, that having been one of the things that made me not like Miku as much as some of the other Vocaloids whose songs were often smoother. The lyrics for this, although there aren’t a great deal, are pretty eerie, once you realise what they’re about. Though even if you don’t know the lyrics [despite the video having English subs], at the end of certain lines the voice gets a little garbled and there’s also laughing and such, which gives a great effect. On the composer’s blog, they say that the song’s theme is the myth that “If you bring back humans who’ve killed people, you’ll come back to life. Yes, that girl who isn’t scared is a reborn murderer. A murderer who lived again via a forbidden secret art.”

Song: Dark Woods Circus
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku, featuring the Kagamine twins and Kaito

Haha, I actually love carnival/funfair/circus-sounding songs, this was the first of many I found, actually at least two years ago now. It starts off with chimes as a young girl is confronted by a strange pair of what appear to be Siamese twins, who tell her about a mysterious circus deep in the woods, featuring a two-headed ‘freak’ [the twins], a deformed

diva and a silent beast who eats raw meat. However, in reality, it turns out that these strange circus acts are actually victims of cruel experiments [featured in another song video – “Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness”] and this is said to have been based on stories of real life circuses in the Meiji era, which kidnapped children and performed cruel acts on them before forcing them to be part of the ‘show’ for spectators by threatening them with acid. I believe there is a ‘creepypasta’ article on this song if you’re interested in that kind of thing, however, I must suggest that you do not read if you are under 16, their articles can be pretty darn creepy.

Song: Necrocarnival
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku

Personally, even when it’s not Halloween, I love listening to this song, it’s got a catchy beat and although there isn’t much singing, or it takes a while to get to it, when it kicks in the background music changes into something really awesome. From the lyrics, it seems to be set in a post-apocalyptic town, or one that has suffered some sort of killing outbreak, though they’re not really very clear and there doesn’t seem to be much of a story behind it anyway. But either way, it sounds great played as loudly as possible~

Song: Machine Musik
Vocaloid: Calne Ca

Okay, probably some of you are thinking “who the hell is Calne Ca? Never heard of that Vocaloid”, but Calne Ca is kind of like a cyborg-ified Miku, or a cyborg that partly resembles Miku. She is an officially recognised character that has appeared in some of the Project Diva games, in backgrounds or skins. Far as I know, she doesn’t actually sing, this song at least, is lyricless. But it has so much going on in it that I don’t feel you really need them, it’s got a really nice electronic techno vibe going on, and the video is intriguing, though it might creep some people out a lot upon first viewing [so I’d advise only those that aren’t very susceptible to getting nightmares from things you watch to watch this].

So yes, hope you like those songs, sorry they’re pretty much all Miku, I couldn’t find many creepy ones ~with~ a good beat that I liked without her if I’m honest, though other notable songs include Trick&Treat by Kagamine Rin & Len, Fear Garden by Kagamine Rin, Conchita the Epicurean Daughter of Evil [in all honesty, all of the Vocaloid songs based on the 7 Deadly Sins are wonderful, look them up] and Alice of Human Sacrifice which features Miku, Rin, Len, Kaito and Meiko.

[also, don’t worry, my Halloween playlist is actually a lot longer than this!~ You can hopefully view it here:

Hope you’ve all had a very Happy Halloween!~

Words: Mysti-Chan
All videos and images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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