Vestiige Photography Halloween Event

Happy Halloween, everyone! How did your fright night go?

Unfortunately I was unable to attend any parties or scary events this year, but I came up with a smart idea with my friends and fans over on Vestiige Photography.

From the beginning of the month I asked everyone to send in any scary photos they had of themselves and their friends and family, and requested them to be submitted over to me so I could edit and upload them for the world to see. It was a great success and I was really happy with what I saw. We had a Zombie Geisha, Harley Quinn, Skeleton Tsuna from Hitman Reborn!, and even the good ol’ Halloween classic, The Joker. I myself also dressed up for the occasion and mimicked the looks of famous model, Rick Genest.

This event was a good chance to gather people together in the spirit of Halloween and show off their joys and interest in dressing up and doing some amazing make-up artistry, and it also gave some of those unlucky enough to not be going out for Halloween to dress up and send something in for fun!

The Vestiige Photography page also got into the spirit on Halloween by receiving a special pumpkin logo created by our very own Yatta editor.

What did you guys dress up as for Halloween? We would love to know!

You can check out all the photographs over on Vestiige Photography right now on Facebook.

Time to start planning for next year!

Words: Michael Steel
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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