Halloween Make Up ~ Japanese Yurei!

Still stuck for Halloween costume ideas and need a quick late minute make up tutorial? Well here at Yatta! we have just the thing for you! Featuring guest member, Kiri, we have another make up tutorial for your spooky needs! WARNING: This one is really creepy!

This is a make-up tutorial for a Japanese Yurei, or female ghost/demon. I have given it a historical twist by taking inspiration from the Heian Era to give it that extra weirdness (and an easy hair style!) Right, lets get to work!

What you will need:
~ Primer
~ Concealer
~ White eye shadow (or white face paint)
~ Yellow shadow for taking out redness
~ Dark blue shadow for contouring
~ Black eye shadow
~ Soft pink eye shadow
~ Reddy brown eye shadow
~ Brown eye shadow
~ Black eye liner
~ Mascara
~ Red Lipstick
~ Fake blood

Step 1: First things first, move all of your hair out of your face, begin by using a primer all over your face and begin concealing up any red bits or any thing you generally conceal when doing your day to day make up. You will also want to conceal out your eye brows as for this look we add on Heian style eye brows instead. Now we are ready to whiten! To whiten your face you can either use a good quality face-paint or do what I did and use 3 different white eye shadows. The reason I used 3 is because they are all slightly different colours, some more opaque than others, so I used 3 to balance the colour out. Take a normal foundation brush and generously apple white all over your face including the lips and eye area. Also tale the white under your chin and down your neck. Use a little light yellow when doing this as the yellow tone cancels out the redness in your skin and will leave you with a more even coverage. Once this is done you should look like this with a fully white face:

Step 2: The next thing we must do is draw on the eye brows. Take your black eye shadow and using a tapered brush, carefully draw them on. To give you an idea of how these should look, they are often called “Moth Wings” or “Thumb prints”. They should be placed high in the centre of the forehead just above the inside points of your real eye brows. Aim to make them either oval shape or like you see in the photo, slightly pointier at the bottom and about the size of your actual thumb prints. (These may need touching up later on so keep the black close to hand.)

Step 3: Now take your foundation brush and contour brush and take a little dark blue and shade in the lower parts of your cheeks right down to your jaw this is will create a gaunt look. You can also use the tapered brush to draw on or accentuate angular cheek bones. If you over-do it give it a gentle brush with your hands and add more white on top to soften in it out. Then we move onto the beginnings of our blood. First take a small eye shadow brush and your light pink eye shadow and start by tracing out where you want your blood, bruised and sore skin to be. I began by drawing under the eyes and making a few trails of blood by gently dragging the brush downwards. Use only your wrist for a steady line instead of moving your whole arm. I also drew under the nose, onto the cupids bow and around the underside of the nostrils. You also want to draw around your lips especially the corners of your mouth and don’t forget that line of blood down the chin. You can also add in any wounds you want I went for a head injury by adding lots of lines of pink to one side of the forehead. Also remember you can always add more but taking it off is hard so be sparing at this point.

Step 4: Next take a red eye shadow and begin to roughly cover all the lines of pink you made. Try if you can, to draw similar lines as opposed to right on top as this will add to the depth of the “dried blood” look. You can also add to the “running blood” lines wit the red for a more dynamic look. Really have fun with this, this is where you can make it as gruesome as as subtle as you like.

Step 5: Now take the brown eye shadow. We are using brow to represent old dried blood and scabs so this wants to be more in around the corners of the eyes and mouth and under the nose, not so much in the “blood lines”

Step 6: The next thing we need to do is a simple thick eye liner. I’m using liquid eye liner here but really you can use any thing you are comfortable with. Draw a thick line across your upper lid, close to the lash line and also bring the line down under your eye about 1cm inwards. This will make your eyes stand out. Finish with some mascara.

Step 7: Moving on to the lips, using your red lip stick, fill in the top centre of your lips into both arches of the bow and the centre of the bottom lip, but try and make the bottom lip part smaller, about the width of the lipstick. To complete the lips take the red eye shadow and small brush and just layer it slightly over the lipstick, then take brown eye shadow and touch the very top of both of your arches as well as the very centre of the bottom lip, but vertically to create that split lip/dried blood look.

Step 8: Lastly, add some fake blood to the already bloody bits as this will give the effect of new fresh blood making it look as though you have been bleeding a long time. Add as much or as little as you like. I have gone for the less is more look as I feel it looks more realistic. At this point if you feel any thing needs touching up such as the “blood lines” then add more red, pink and brown! Go mad! As a finishing touch I covered my hands and wrists in layers of fake blood for that added to the gore. I also added a black wig and a few oriental hair accessories as well as a white kimono for that true Yurei look. To do the Heian hair style, pin the fringe out of your face. Split the wig in half at the back as if you were to do pig tails and then take a section about an inch to 2 inches wide from the back parting nearest to your neck and bring them to the front the n sweep the the rest of your hair behind, this is roughly based on an authentic historical Japanese hair style and will add to the overall look.

And there you have it your very own Japanese Yurei demonic ghost woman!

Happy Halloween.

Words: Kiri
All images belong to their rightful owner and used under fair use.


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