Halloween Make Up

Halloween isn’t complete here at Yatta without a bit of crazy make up to really finish off your outfit. Team member Wai-Yi takes us through step by step.

Step 1: You can either use a light foundation or your usual one, cover your entire face including your lips.

Step 2: Using a dark pink or red eye shadow apply it around your eyes but leaving your lower lids uncovered. Use your fingers to gently swipe the eye shadow outwards to fade it out.

Step 3: Then use a white eye liner and fill in the gap you left in your lower lids to give your eyes an enlarging effect.

Step 4: Get a black eye shadow and apply some to your upper eyelids but not too much! And using an eyeliner line your eyelids and lower lids BUT only along where you applied the white.

Step 5: Now apply your false eyelashes. I used 2 pairs on the top as it gives it a fuller appearance. For the bottom lashes put them along the lower black eyeliner, applying them with a tweezers makes it a lot easier.

Step 6: Next up the lips! Use a red lipstick and only apply to the inside of your lips and try not to go over halfway.

Step 7: Purse your lips and gently move them back and forth whilst still closed but careful not to over do it, this is only to smudge the red a bit. Grab a cotton swab (you can use fingers but a swab is more precise) and rub it carefully on your lip where the foundation/concealer meets the lipstick to blend the two together.

Step 8: To define your lips even more use a black eyeliner and line your inner lips, I really advise using a pencil eyeliner and not a liquid one!

Step 9: Using the same pink or red eye shadow draw a half smile at the corner of your lips, a bit like the Joker.

Step 10: Following the eye shadow use a liquid black eyeliner, as you get a finer line, and draw on your stitches. I find resting your hand on your chin and cheek steadies your hand so your lines are less shakey.

Step 11: Last step! Add some lip gloss, face stickers (I got mine from Claire’s Accessories for £2.50 a sheet) and add some finishing touches and you’re done. I added a bit more eye shadow to my cheeks in a cascading effect.

All done. Now your ready to add that extra punch to your outfit.

Happy Halloween.

Words: Wai-Yi
All images belong to their rightful owner and used under fair use.


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