Under New Management

Important update on the current state of Yatta Magazine Online.

In the past few weeks, Yatta has had a few ups and downs which have been due to our team moving away to university and dealing with other events. As a non-profit group we do our best but sadly, sometimes personal lives get in the way. Lately however we have under performed on the promise of our content in relation to Eurogamer EXPO. To which we are sorry.

However, today we wish to publicly annouce that the Yatta team has had a bit of a sorting out and as of today, will be under new management. Our new editors [two this time around] and will work along side the old editor to help push Yatta forward. We hope that with the new members in place, things will move along better then ever before.

To quickly touch on the subject of the Eurogamer content, we understand we failed to hit the mark with that. We are sorry to both you our readers and the developers who took time out of their days to speak to us. We will put coverage of the games up in the coming weeks but it may not be under the Eurogamer tag. Any developers we promised extra cover on shouldn’t fear, we shall be in touch to talk about coverage to make up for the missed Eurogamer events.

So to sum up we are firstly sorry about the mix ups that have been going on over the past few weeks. We have two new editors who will do their best to push Yatta forward in a new and better direction. Lately, we have some great stuff planned so stay tuned.

For now, thank you as always for your support and enjoy what is to come.

Have a good one.

~ Yatta ~


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