Retro Retakes: The Thing

When I first heard The Thing [2011] was coming out, I was excited.

I knew it would be pipped as a prequel to the original The Thing [1982] and I couldn’t wait to see how they would link it to the original, how they would do it, make it similar and scary like the original.

I got my hopes up for nothing.

Out of the ‘Retro Retakes’ films I have seen, this one disappointed me the most. The Thing [1982] was brilliant, and if you haven’t seen it, you MUST!! It can scare the hell out of you and leave you wondering who your friends are really. The Thing [2011] (I wished they had thought of a different name, it makes blogging awkward D: ) was a failure of a film. The makers should be ashamed to put the name ‘The Thing’ on it.

The Thing [1982] scared me. A lot. It was a brilliant mix of sci-fi and horror. You hardly ever see the alien, apart from in THAT dog scene and later scenes, but that is never really properly. That is the beauty of this film. You don’t know where the alien is. You end up suspecting EVERYTHING. You leave afraid of those closest to you.

Now, sigh, to The Thing [2011]. We started off okay. Then the alien escape. Then I began laughing. And laughing. And thinking I was in Dead Space. And laughing. There was no suspense. No thrill. It wasn’t even good. The alien looked like Dead Space monsters in the end (and Pitch Black in the beginning). And that end. THE END. What was that, really? I felt like I was in a rubbish sci-fi film. That is NOT ‘The Thing’. That is a lame Hollywood churned out alien film for cheap thrills and trying to get money off a franchise.

Final thoughts: The Thing [2011] was a failure of a prequel. They may of tied some things in with the original for continuity but that was IT. Not a speck on the greatness of the [1982] original!

Words: Katie Jones
All images belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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