Pokémon over the Years. Part 2.

It’s time for part two of our ‘Pokemon over the Years‘ article.

Every week we take a look back through the years of Pokemon in the build up for the release of Black 2 and White 2.

Mysti here again, this week I’m reviewing Gold, Silver and Crystal!~

Gold and Silver were released in April 2001 in England, followed by Crystal in November 2001 and featured a whole new generation of Pokémon, including the introduction of two new types – Steel and Dark. They also started in the region of Johto, as opposed to Kanto from Red, Blue and Yellow.

Graphics-wise, there’s a notable improvement, the Pokémon actually look like their promotional images, and they’re also clearer and more detailed, with thinner lines if I’m not mistaken. Most noticeably, the colours! There’s a lot more variety than in the originals and as a result, wandering around and just playing the game in general is a lot more interesting. Also, the problem I mentioned in my review of Red, Blue and Yellow, of the defending Pokémon being slightly blurry-pixelated-looking, is non-existent here – as I play it, my Pokémon look just as clear as the one opposite, which is great.

Once again, the sound’s still kind of bleepy, but I find it nicer than in Red, Blue and Yellow, it seems to have more layers and depth to it and it’s a bit more tuneful. It works nicely with the brighter colours and different towns etc.

In regard to the story, it’s made up of smaller stories in a sense, there’s the meeting Mr. Pokémon in the beginning, going back to Professor Elm, then when you get to Azalea, there’s the small bit about Kurt and the Slowpoke, later on there’s the part where you have to get medicine for the lighthouse Pokémon…but I think of these as being more like small quests throughout the game.

I think the best thing about Gold, Silver and Crystal was that after beating the Elite Four, you could travel back to Kanto and go through all the gyms there. There has not been a single Pokémon game apart from the remakes of Gold and Silver [which makes sense] which has done that, and I think the creators are kind of missing a trick there. Imagine how much more epic the games would be if, with each new generation [and therefore region], the games in a sense got bigger, the new region and story was added on to the previous one?

Other positives in these games were the addition of the day and night function, I thought that was really cool, being able to catch different Pokémon depending on what time of day it was. The ability to make different types of PokéBall was an awesome idea as well. And the shinies! It’s such a great feeling when you find a shiny Pokémon, and it was really good of them to give you at least one chance to get one – shiny Gyarados. The breeding was probably my favourite addition though, being able to breed Pokémon with different moves and such. It was also really useful upon receiving Eevee, because it meant you could breed it to get one of each evolution. And with the first-gen Pokémon like Jynx, Magmar, Electabuzz, you could get their new pre-evolutions, which were adorable. To this day I think I still prefer Pichu to Pikachu! Other things: there’s an EXP bar! And the bag is finally organised!

Downsides…there aren’t actually that many I can think of. The Time Machine was slightly frustrating in that in order to trade Pokémon back [to Red, Blue and Yellow], you had to delete HM moves and any new moves before transferring, but that’s kind of understandable really, they can’t program new moves into old games. The Bug-Catching Contest was slightly disappointing, as after you’ve done it once you’ve seen it all really, unless you don’t manage to catch that Scyther/Pinsir you wanted and win a Sun Stone first time.

Speaking of which, I think the Gold/Silver/Crystal Pokémon were my favourites. The starters and their evolutions were pretty awesome [though I preferred Bayleef to Meganium] they were enough of a change from the ones in Red, Blue and Yellow, without being completely out-there. The only thing I would say is that there weren’t really enough new Pokémon for the new types [Steel and Dark], causing them to be quite small groups compared to the original types ever since.

Personally, Gold Silver and Crystal are my favourite Pokémon generation. It was the generation that the first Pokémon game I ever got was from, so it was the generation that I started off with, and the only one in which I actually like every single Pokémon.

It doesn’t mean I use all of them, but I will happily try to “catch ‘em all”.

Words: Mysti-Chan
All images belong to their rightful owner and used under fair use.


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