Retro Retakes: Alien

With the release of Prometheus, many people in the younger generation would of been drawn into Ridley Scott’s world of aliens, having not seen the originals.

Obviously, as a young person too, I was not around when the original came out in 1979, but I have seen most of the series and I am here to give you a bit of background history and timeline of ‘Alien’.

As a cult series, I believe that, once old and brave enough, young people should be watching them, to see how different film making was back then. Like gaming, film making has changed over the years to keep up with the audience. ‘Prometheus’ is a good example of this, with how different it is to the original.

The original feels more clever, more psychological to me. Prometheus, though a film that makes you think, has been more dumbed down, I feel, for the modern audience.

Alien is a brilliant sci-fi horror, of an crew trapped on a ship with a creature that slowly hunts them one by one, without being seen. It leaves you hiding behind a pillow, wondering where it will pop up next, who it will take next. Sigourney Weaver performs brilliantly as the fierce Warrent Officer, Ellen Ripley. Alien’s effects, though old, still work well in this modern era and have aged well.

Prometheus is more gore, more action packed, more dumbed down. Similar premise as the original Alien, but doesn’t seem as scary. Alien fills me with fear, whereas Prometheus does not. You are more aware of what is killing people off in the film. The ‘mystery’ seems a bit weak, in my opinion. The movie is excellent, but compare it to Alien, and its just not in the same league.

Final thoughts? Prometheus is an excellent movie for modern day audiences, which I enjoyed and would watch again, but compared to the fear filled excellence of Alien, it does not match up. A good stand alone, but I wouldn’t really see it that much as a prequel.

Words: Katie Jones
All images belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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