Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Chloe is back with more anime reviews and today, she is looking at a team favourite!

Note: The following anime contains content unsuitable for younger viewers and is intended for viewers of age 16 plus.

Welcome to another anime review. This time around I want to bring your attention to a personal favourite of mine, Ore No Imōto. This ‘Slice of Life’ comedy centers around the Kousaka siblings.

Kyousuke Kousaka and his little sister Kirino haven’t gotten along in years, avoiding interacting with each other whenever they see each other. And it seemed like it might stay this way for good. But this all changes when Kyousake finds a children’s cartoon DVD box had an adult video game titled “Love with Little Sister!”. It soon becomes clear that the eroge game belonged to Kirino, and her secret hobby is revealed!

I myself found this very funny, and somewhat relatable in parts. While I have no interest in the explicit eroge that Kirino is shown to like in this, I’ve had times when I’ve covered up my interests in manga and anime to try and blend into ‘normal’ social situations. And I’m sure a lot of you can relate too.

All the characters are very realistic and believable, while at the same time covering a range of personalities. Character design is also more varied and separates itself aside from other animes I’ve seen. Another strong point for this series is it’s Opening and Ending themes, it always opens on Irony by ClariS, with different video’s each time. Each episode Ends with a different song, “Shine!” and “Orange” by Ayana Taketatsu and “White Heart” Saori Hayami are just a few of the songs used on this 16 episode anime.

Finishing off I have to say this is one of my favourite animes I’ve seen recently! Recommended to any fellow otakus to watch. It gets bonus points anyway as I’ve managed to rewatch the whole season without getting bored.

It’s quite light hearted, doesn’t take itself too seriously, definitely go watch it if you have time.

BONUS: For those of you that have already watched through this season! Recently there have been rumours about a 2nd season in the making, official release dates are unconfirmed, but I really hope it’s soon!

Words: Chloe Cox
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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