Kuchu Buranko

We are back and today our newest team member, Christian, has a review of a more mature anime. It’s a crazy one at that as well.

Warning: This anime is rated R-17+ (violence & profanity) and is unsuitable for a younger audience.

Kuchu Buranko follows the work of the psychiatrist Dr. Ichiro Irabu, the son of the hospital director at Irabu General Hospital and his assistant Mayumi. Sounds like a normal day at the office right?…


Dr. Irabu is even more out of the ordinary than anything you have ever seen. He meets his patients in a room that seems to have come straight out of the mind of the Mad Hatter in the costume you see in the picture below (which happens to display his other ‘forms’ as well).

Mayumi, on the other hand, is animated in many different ways throughout but is most recognisable by her sexy nurse outfit and her unusual ‘real’ looking animation, as well as her “injections” which she gives to patients in a most alluring manner.

Each episode follows a new patient, each suffering various psychological conditions which are explained, using expert opinions, by Kukuicchi of Fuji TV as shown below. From a trapeze artist with insomnia and a gangster afraid of knives to a businessman who has an erection 24/7, Kuchu Buranko keeps you guessing and gives you an entertaining ride throughout.

Being episodic you would think there would be little to note on the storyline. However, each of the patients treated are somehow linked to one another and, whilst being subjected to Irabu’s unorthodox treatments, are able to do some soul-searching and learn more about themselves.

The animation style is what draws me in so intently to this series. From typical animated drawings, photographs, recorded footage and other weird and wonderful combinations, you are always kept guessing and never left disappointed. For many people this may be far from appealing and it has gone under the radar since it aired in 2009.

All in all Kuchu Buranko is a weird and wonderful series which keeps you laughing whilst feeding you real information regarding psychiatry that you may have never been otherwise interested in. Kuchu Buranko brings a strange world to life and throws you headfirst into the inner workings of Dr. Ichiro Irabu, perhaps the strangest psychiatrist you will ever meet.

Food for thought and a thrill ride for the mind, a must watch for those with a more mature sense of humour.

Words: Christian James Dacombe
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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