RaiderZ, an introduction

It`s either hunt or be hunted in the highly anticipated upcoming free to play MMO in 2012!

Here at Yatta we love our games. More so then that we love games that have dynamic combat, gigantic monsters and the option to play online with friends. RaiderZ is just what we have been waiting for.

RaiderZ is the upcoming free to play MMO set for release in late 2012. The game is focused on allowing you to fight your way through a world of danger and adventure in a style that you create with no class restrictions. In a world that was once tranquil is now in chaos.

In seconds a strange visitor crashed through the pristine atmosphere and end its heavenly voyage upon the bleached sands of Lymorsch, everything changed. Nomadic tribesmen, woken by its piercing descent, were blinded by the impact and forced to flee in the fiery wake of the fallen star. Five years on and now, it’s your time to fight. The clouds continue to amass, and the common folk say that their appeal for a saviour has fallen upon deaf ears. In this hour of need, I pray that the gods prove them wrong.

RaiderZ is a game that is worth keeping your eye on. It has many features that allow it to stand out from other currently free to play MMO’s and with a dnyamic world and combat system, it’s going to be great!

Through out the week, we will continue to bring you more coverage of the upcoming game and even take a look at the current beat which is going on. Don’t forget as well that we are giving away a beta key. Click here for details!

Check back later in the week for more and don’t forget to head over to the RaiderZ website for more.

All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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