Haganai review, an acquired taste.

Chloe is back with more anime reviews and today, she is looking at Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, also know as Haganai.

Note: The following anime contains content unsuitable for younger viewers and is intended for viewers of age 16 plus.

Now the anime I wish to bring your attention to this time around is a Comedy genre anime which goes by the name of “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai”.

The story follows the life of young Kodaka Hasegawa, as he transfers into a new school. He hopes to make a fresh start and build a new reputation for himself, but after a series of misunderstandings, he gets painted a delinquent and is avoided by the rest of the class. Together with persuasion from Yozora, another loner from the class, they form the “Neighbours Club” to help misfits like themselves make some friends.

To start, I appreciate the good animation quality of this anime. And in parts it can be very entertaining. It is quite light hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it perfect to watch if you’re not expecting much from it.

You can probably tell where I’m going with this by now; the storyline itself doesn’t have much depth and some of the main characters personalities seem to take a little too much influence from other animes. For example, the leading female character seems to have an all too typical tsudere character reminding me very much of a certain Haruhi Suzimiya. And Rena’s personality reminded me very strongly of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, also animated by the same company and later even cameos in the series.

Next thing that came to my attention is the sheer amount of ‘fan service’ this anime wants to include. It’s like they were trying to hit girl viewers with the storyline, but guys with that amount of … cleavage and such. Now if your into that kind of thing, don’t worry, no judgement, but just putting the forewarning out there that some of the content is definitely 16+ minimum. So you have been warned.

Overall, it was interesting to watch. Although it lacked some originality, and the fan service level was a little overpowering for my taste. It’d be a good watch if you have some spare time to kill However, it’s an acquired taste.

Words: Chloe Cox
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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