Another. Horror anime review.

Today, team member Chloe has a review of the recent horror anime, ‘Another’.

Note: The following anime contains blood and violence and is intended for viewers of age 16 plus.

Hello, and welcome to my first review article for Yatta! I thought we’d start off with an anime I have recently watched that stuck in my mind. Now, the only other anime I’ve seen before that can be classed as remotely ‘Horror’ is Death Note so I thought I should vary my viewing habits a little.

This Horror genre anime is centred around Kouchi Sakakibara who transfers into the dark and mysterious class 3 of Yomiyama North Junior High. From his first day oddities start to become clear, such as the class having an extra student role of Head of Counter-Measures and how the whole class seems to deny the existence of the quiet Mei Misaki…

Good points were that the story line was well thought out, interesting, and the character back stories were well developed as well. The suspense and building tension was well handled throughout and I was drawn right into the story. The ending really caught me by surprise as well, I won’t say any more on it as I would be revealing some spoilers but know this, you really should go watch it yourself!

The only things wrong with it I think were the leading character, Kouichi, was a little one dimensional in parts. His reactions were a little meek during some of the death scenes; I think this may have been so viewers could immerse themselves into the story easier. But when you see someone getting stabbed with an umbrella, you would think that it’d be completely reasonable to have a mini freak out session. And yes, I said umbrella.

Now as a disclaimer I’m terrible at handling gore, live action or very detailed animation. So it came as a (somewhat) pleasant surprise to find the gore wasn’t too graphic, as the anime’s main aim is to scare you psychologically not through gross imagery. This meant I could watch it without too much trouble, only looking away for a few scenes.

All in all it was really good though, and good if you don’t mind gore, etc. Although it has left me with a slightly paranoid feeling around umbrella with spikes.

Personally I would say give this anime a look, it was really well made and only a few flaws. It’s definitely one to watch.

Words: Chloe Cox
All images belong too their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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