The Dark Knight Rises

The most talked about and anticipated film of the year has been out for little over a week now and I got the chance to go see it on Monday too which, I was not disappointed in the slightest!

After the success of The Dark Knight, fans of Nolan and the trilogy were expecting some big to finish off the series with a bang. And we weren’t disappointed!

The basic premise is that Bane, a terrorist leader, threatens Gotham and Batman, and Batman must overcome everything to save his beloved city. But boy was it not that basic.

Without spoiling anything for you, The Dark Knight Rises is a roller coaster ride of adrenaline, snappy one liners (mostly Catwoman), explosions and twists from the very beginning.

Once again, Bale brings an excellent performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman, our brooding and damaged hero, Tom Hardy delivers brilliant as psychopath Bane. I barely even recognised him behind the mask. You would think it would hinder his acting, but Tom is so brilliant, he can act with his eyes alone. Anne Hathaway is wonderful, witty and awesome as Catwoman, you really feel for her.

With the effects of this movie, they are immense. You get new gadgets, explosions aplenty and thrilling road chases. I swear, they blew up most of New York City to make this film!

There is so much of this movie I want to talk to you about, from the wonderful acting, to the mind blowing effects, the soul wrenching sound track and the constant journey up and down in your emotions (I nearly cried. I was very very close. Very) and they perform the storyline so well, that a fact I knew wasn’t true, I didn’t question till very late on, I didn’t give it a second thought at first!

Since I can’t say much more without spoilers, I will leave you to go see it and make up your own mind. The Dark Knight Rises is a mind blowing, emotion inducing, brilliant end to a trilogy, with parts that I loved, laughed, almost cried and gasped at.

If you haven’t seen the first two, go watch them and watch this. If you have seen them, go watch it NOW!

Words: Katie Jones
All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use


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