Slender. Don’t. Turn. Around.

We all remember the time Amnesia: The Dark Descent came out and how it was the marker by which gamers all over the world tested their wits and their fears.

Many a video popped up of people often playing (screaming) through it, and we all thought that nothing would be scarier and more horrifying than Amnesia and its freaky mutated monsters.

Oh how wrong we were…

You climb a fence, flashlight in hand, and drop onto the crunchy leaved floor of the woods, flashing your light around the trunks that rise up around you. Each step you take is emphasised by the crunch of dead leaves echoing in the silence. Then you come across your first page, and the drums begin…

Slender is a game designed to work on quite a few of your primal fears. Fear of the dark, fear of the woods, fear of being watched, fear of what’s behind you…

The basic design of the game is you are in the woods at night, you must collect 8 pages and avoid the infamous ‘Slender Man’. But with each page you collect, the level gets higher, and avoiding him of the white face grows harder. With every other page or so, you get music, and it gets worse as it goes along.

I can honestly say, the music makes everything that whole lot more scarier. You can sprint, but sprinting takes stamina, and you eventually run out of that, slowing you right down till it builds up again. Often I have yelled “YOU NEED TO GET FITTER YOU SO AND SO” at the screen. One tip: Don’t over use your flashlight. It WILL run out eventually and then you will be stuck in the dark forest with no flashlight and Slender Man breathing down your neck.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the game for you so I will just say this: I’ve played Amnesia. I’ve played Dead Space. I’ve played Resident Evil. Slender is the scariest game I have played.

I physically shake when I go to play it. I want to cry. I scream. I hide behind pillows watching other people playing it. The graphics aren’t that brilliant but you don’t notice as you try and find your pages while trying your hardest not to turn around. He will ALWAYS be behind you. From about the 5th page, I can guarantee, he will be RIGHT behind you 90% of the time.

Slender: low graphics, simple plot line, scariest game EVER.

And for the love of god, find and explore the house FIRST, before you find the first page. Once you have a page, that house will turn into your tomb.

I’m going to curl up in a corner and cry now, leaving all the lights on. If you think you can face the fear that is Slender head over to the website here.

Words: Katie Jones
All images belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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