Brighton Matsuri

On June 23rd-24th Moshi Moshi held an event in Brighton, Moshi Matsuri. Team member Wai-Yi was down helping out Tofu Cute and gave us a few words to share.

Moshi Matsuri, which is a summer festival held in Brighton every year. On the Sunday I gave Tofu Cute a hand as they had a stall there alongside others like Japan Centre and some Japanese food stalls. If you are a long time Yatta reader, you should know of Tofu Cute already.

The day started off like any typical British summer day, raining and windy so it was no surprise the event got off to a slow start. Luckily we were tucked away in a corner so the wind didn’t bother us that much. By 12pm the weather had started to brighten up and more people came to watch the entertainment and browse around the stalls.

I managed to glimpse a bit of the Mid-Sussex Martial Arts that was being performed on stage, the demonstrators were quite informative and showed the audience the basic moves, nothing violent as it’s a family event but we had to hurry back to our stall as it started to get busier. Sadly, we missed a few events due to this but there weren’t many visual acts so we didn’t miss out too much.

There were a lot of singing on stage; most of it was traditional Japanese singing which turned out to be quite depressing. At 11:30 and 15:45 Fume, a tribute dance group to the band ‘Perfume’, did two different dance routines on stage which they were great at and definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces. The final event of the day was performed by Takako Higgs who produced an impressive piece of calligraphy on a huge piece of paper on stage. I didn’t get to see the Aikido Demonstration either as me and Rosanna (Tofu Cute) had wandered off to search for food (and window shop) around The Lanes in Brighton.

More info on the event can be found here.
All images belong to Tofu Cute


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