Currently at Garbos Gallery…

Inside Garbos Hair Salon is Nick Hind.Nick Hind is a local artist who has been working freelance since 2008.

He produces a wide range of work in many genres ranging from abstraction to pop-art, across multiple disciplines. His work is informed by a thoughtful nature and emotional responses to the ups and downs of everyday life. Currently, Nick is working towards his third solo show, consisting of mixed media work based on broken LCD screens and neurological research.

This piece Untitled (Abstracted Tree), Acrylic & Ink on Canvas is a reflectional piece based on the cubist work of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944). Acrylics and inks have been used with a free flowing technique producing a stunning figurative composition.

Hind’s work will be there until the end of July. To contact Nick Hind drop him an email, check out his website or follow on twitter.

If you wish or know someone who would like to exhibt at Garbos Gallery or any other +art venue please contact Nicholas Forbes at


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