Polarfox App review

Polarfox is a free desktop application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that lets you beautify, save and multi-post images to social networks, blogs and clouds.

If there was ever a product summary that made sense, it was Polarfox App. Just as it says on the label, this wonderful desktop application lets you take any image you so wish to edit and share with stunning results across the board.

At the core, Polarfox App is a simple program with simple ideas. You have two sets of editing options open to you. You can edit the image itself right away with changes such as hue and saturation. But where the app really stands out is the use of the many available filters it has to offer. If you wanted me to sum this up in a few words I would say that “Polarfox App does for desktops, what Instagram does for mobile, but better”. However, summing up Polarfox App in a nutshell isn’t fair. So let me continue.

In a time where most of us are taking pictures, spending more time online and sharing content faster than ever, it’s important to stand out. Polarfox App lets you do just that. Say you have a picture of you and some friends on a night out and you are going to upload it to facebook. With Polarfox you can make that one image more visually stunning and attractive with a few simple clicks. Add a ‘Tokyo’ filter to really get the blues and purples drawing the viewer in. Raise the brightness a tad and get ready to share. With one-time login to many different social networks, you’ll be ready to share to all of them with just one simple click.

It’s simple, fast, effective and beautiful. Not only that but the controls are so easy to use that anyone can get full control of the application in a short amount of time.

Of course there are few things that Polarfox does have issues with. None of these ruin the experience but they can be an issue for a small number of users. The main one is the interface itself. It’s very simple, maybe too simple. I personally find it rather nice with a good style and once you know which each button does, you’ll be fine. That said I think some people will find it hard to work with. An option to switch the interface around a little would be nice. On that note, users may find a few issues here and there with the sizing and spacing of some of the elements within the application window, however this isn’t really a negative. After all the app is still in development and that is a key fact to remember.

At the end of the day, the small negative points of Polarfox don’t matter. They are so out of the way and will more than likely be sorted in a soon-to-be release update that I see no need to point them out. The overall experience I’ve had editing some photos and sharing them has been a joyful one. It’s not as powerful as Photoshop, if you wanted to compare it to that, but it’s a solid and simple experience which gets the jobs done fast and with style.

Polarfox App is, as I said at the start, the Instagram of the desktop world. It’s simple, fast, beautiful and a joyful experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming months.

If you’re looking for a simple way to spice up your photos, make sure to check out Polarfox App.

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Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
All images and videos belong to their rightful owner and used under fair use.


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