Artist feature – Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott is a local artist with a unique style and take on art. Today we want to share with you some of his work and a bit about himself. Make sure to check more of his work out on his blog.

Having had a fixation on retro comic books and the 16-bit games of the Sega MegaDrive, I quickly became polarised by pop-cultre at an early age. This has developed into my artwork and will continue to do so. Recently I have been making small character and design concepts as well as drawing short “one-shot” web comics, I was also one of the individuals involved in curating the “Portshhmouth” art exhibition on behalf of the Aspex gallery in Portsmouth.

Now finishing up my Pre-Degree course I will be starting a new fund raising event with the Aspex gallery in the near future before starting my Illustration BA (hons).

You can see more of Jonathan’s work on his blog and deviantart.


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