E3 sucked

E3 was a few weeks back now and from the first bit of news out of the event we here at Yatta have been in a long debate.

Some of us loved E3 this year others, not so much. Team member Jamie however stood out from the team.

So I think everyone kinda left E3 with a similar thought – “Why was this year so lacking compared to previous years?”

The last few E3’s have been an excellent date in the Gaming Calender – with huge new announcements, dramatic reveals, gameplay footage of anticipated games, it’s all been awesome. Remember when Nintendo revealed the Wiiu out of nowhere? Remember when Gabe Newell came out on the Sony Stage to talk Portal 2? Remember when Nintendo announced Wii Music? Okay it’s not all been great, but even the bad presentations had a certain cheesy flavour about them that helped make the show. So what was different about this E3?

First, there was a rather low amount of new announcements. Pretty much all the big hitters had already been shown off at smaller events, or just released online previously. The Last of Us had a trailer out at the Spike Awards. Assassin’s Creed 3 had a trailer out in March. Halo 4 was announced approximately ten thousand years ago. This meant all the gameplay and announcements for these games had a lesser flavour to them. Imagine if there was no previous information on The Last of Us. During the Sony Show, Naughty Dog just came out and showed off the gameplay footage, ending with a logo and a release date. This would have generated a lot more hype than simply showing “More of this”.

Really, that was the main flavour of this E3. There wasn’t much new to be seen – a lot of the huge games to be hyped from it were already known projects, meaning even the biggest hype wasn’t as big as it could have been. Watch Dogs and maybe Beyond: Two Souls is the only game I can think of that came away with the hype a main E3 reveal deserved.

For me, E3 is getting more and more of a let down every year. The only good thing of this years show was Watch Dogs. – Editor comments.

Secondly, there was an overall lack of ambition to show things off. We can all safely put bets on seeing a PS4 and an X-Box 720 being unveiled next year. It’s understandable if Microsoft and Sony are busy preparing some cool stuff for us this year, but that meant they didn’t have as much this year. But surely that means Nintendo, who already had announced a new console, should have had an absolutely rocking presentation? Well, not really.

While Nintendo arguably brought the most new stuff to the table, I feel like it wasn’t enough. Last year they promised us something amazing, and I think we only got something “Pretty Good”. And pretty good ain’t good enough. They made a big deal out of showing games already released on other systems. Seriously, Arkham City? Don’t make a big deal out of that Nintendo, everyone who cares has likely already played that. After a year of planning and developing things to really grab the audience, the only game that stuck out for me from them was Lego City Undercover.

I get the feeling that this E3 was a “Placeholder”. Everyone seemed to just be releasing just enough to sort of please some people, holding back enough to make next year their best yet. I hope this is the case, at least. Microsoft announced next to nothing, Sony announced things that were already announced, and Nintendo didn’t announce quite enough.

Next year, I hope to see some great new IP’s, some sequels to popular franchises, and hopefully some new consoles.

But most of all, I hope it’s surprising.

Words: Jamie Dickerson
All images belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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