London MCM Expo

Team member Michael Steel, also known as Vestiige Photography, attended the London MCM EXPO last weekend and today, we have a run down and some photos for you. Enjoy!

So, my plan for the weekend was to attend all three days of the convention, where Friday served as a “preview day” for those who had purchased an Early Entry Weekend Ticket and were able to get to the ExCeL Centre for 2:00pm when the doors opened. I managed to hop on a coach to London and made it in time to see what the preview day had to offer.

It was strange at first to know that not many people were inside the convention. The amount of people inside the centre were almost the same amount that would attend a local meet-up at a WHSmith store or such, but this worked out well for considering I wanted to get my hands on everything.

The convention held many games, many stalls, many advertisements and (once the weekend hit) many, many cosplayers. The games held demo versions of the latest upcoming titles from big hits such as Capcom, Square Enix and Warner Bros. Games with games such as Dragon’s Dogma, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dead or Alive 5 and Sleeping Dogs. I only managed to get my hands on playing DOA5 and Lollipop Chainsaw as there was much to take in and look at for a short amount of time until the convention closed in preparation for a huge weekend. The games were fantastic, full of action and intense gameplay offerings, where Lollipop Chainsaw was definitely my favourite game to play.

The stalls had your usual anime, manga and comic book necessities with cosplay items, newly published books and small goodies you could collect and take home, all at a really good price. I managed to bag myself a Guy Fawkes mask featured in the V for Vendetta film because, come on; everyone needs one of those in their lives.

After having a good browse around I proceeded back to my hotel room with some friends to chill out for the evening and wait in anticipation for the weekend.

As soon as the weekend struck you could already guess how hectic it would be. There were cosplayers everywhere in sight no matter where you looked. I joined on the fun and cosplayed as the “new” Dante from the upcoming video game reboot; DmC Devil May Cry, where I was presented with fans and haters alike, all asking for photographs, and I had also waltzed around the place with my camera capturing images of the weekend too (which you can see the full set here).

There were also a lot of features being held during the weekend, such as a zombie cheerleading squad singing and dancing outside in the square to the centre, advertising and supporting the Lollipop Chainsaw video game (which also proved hilarious as a Deadpool cosplayer suddenly jumped onto the dance floor and joined the group).

There were also cosplay meet-ups that people attended and met other fans of series, joining in on photographs, games and generally socialising.

There are millions of things I still need to tell you about but sadly I’m running out of limit for this short story, so I’ll just have to leave you in excitement and see it all for yourself when the convention next hits October this year!

Be sure to book your weekends off early, grab your tickets, plan your methods of travel, your cosplay ideas and prepare for one of the most unforgettable weekends you could ever imagine.

See the full photo set here!

Words: Michael Steel
Photos: Michael Steel/Vestiige Photography


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