Japanese bands you should be listening too!

Team member Katie is back once again with some Japanese band suggestions that you should already be listening too. Over to you Katie.

First I am going to start with an immense band, that unfortunately are no longer together but have now formed two awesome bands who I will mention later. THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS. Originally known as Berrie, The Mad Capsule Markets encompasses electronic music with punk rock and heavy metal.

This band have been around since 1985, taking an extended break in 2005, so that’s 20 years of awesome music people!

Next up is the awesome Polysics! Formed in 1997, this new wave/rock band, who dubs its unique style as “technicolor pogo punk”, are an awesome upbeat band that get you moving about in your seat! They have a very unique fashion taste too.

Dragon Ash. ICONS. Formed in 1996, Dragon Ash were one of THE bands to popularize hip hop in Japan. Plus they are classed as RAP ROCK and have done many many genres of the format, including reggae, metal AND Spanish!

Here is a video that I believe a few of these bands, and a few more, did for Japan AID (the Japanese Tsunami) so please do enjoy this song immensely like I do cause it is AMAZING.

Words: Katie Jones
All videos belong to their rightful owners.


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