Seven Lions

Josh is back once again with a sweet music suggestion for you all. have a read and check it out.

It’s difficult for me to express my overwhelming passion for a diverse range of musical talent.

From the roaring depths of Nu-dance talent to the fierce, melancholic wanders of Nujabes, my next gem from the trove of auditory excellence originates from the States, where Jeff Montalvo has unlocked a truly empirical formula for dubstep bliss, the sheer gravity of his tracks sophisticated with a rich, bucolic tranquility.

Though his fluent, often didactic bass is often undermined by overpowering vocals, Seven Lions has an inate ability to blend subtle essences of cultural tradition with modern twists, his balanced atmosphere between Arabian-esque melodies and dubstep in ‘Isis’ bearing fruit of ingenius musical talent. Perhaps it’s all this love-hate hubbub that surrounds dubstep, but never have I seen an artist so easily able to infuse contrasting genres to create awesome masterpieces; it’s like this artist can take a standard Baroque piece and create a mindblowing epic.

It is unusual to see this cultivation between genres, but also the way in which Montalvo’s drops teem with complexity. In his composition and layering of sounds, the expected clamour of contemporary dubstep brims with ingenuity, casting new light on softer, more defined bass. Concurrent with his stand-alone remixes of the likes of Florence And The Machine, Above & Beyond and Oceanlab, Seven Lions’ Polarize EP is undeniably one of the best dubstep albums I have ever encountered, his consistent collaboration with Shaz Sparks manifesting into an unreal combination between light, bouncy flavour and a strong, refined bassline.

If you wish to hear some unworldy experiences from Seven Lions, check out his SoundCloud or check out his Facebook and YouTube. Alternatively, if you are interested in personal selections,, the previously mentioned ‘Isis’, as well as ‘Below Us’ are two utterly incredible tracks that will have you entranced, purring like a wildcat for more.

Perhaps not a wildcat, more of a domesticated lion. Can lions be domesticated?

Words: Josh Carson
All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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