The King Of Cool: 瀬葉淳

Josh is back once again with a sweet music suggestion for you all. have a read and check it out.

From my last music recommendation, I peppered your palettes with some awesome vibes of dance and tasty synths, dousing the hot sensation with an undertone of mellow bass from rising star Madeon. From this smorgasbord of talent, I have followed my nose to a feast not many have tapped into, rekindling the grand flame of a star now gone supernova. Nujabes, a producer and DJ from Toyko, was coined the ‘King of Mellow’, after compiling two anthologies, five studio albums and four single albums, among collaborations with Shing02 and other members from Hydeout Productions.

From the subtle, almost nostalgic premise of his tracks, Jun Seba was influential in composing tracks that engaged from the atmospheric layers of smooth jazz with a hip-hop foreground, spanning as far as the reaches of Samurai Champloo and british hip-hop culture, resulting in a new wave of ‘gradual rap’, which comprised of a sentiment of passion and expression.

The reason why Nujabes is such a big influence, and has been for many years, is not only for his revival of smooth jazz, adding to the emmergence of such artists as Blazo and Korsen, but for his genuine passion for music. Particularly in his occupation, I envy his tender care towards Shibuya record storees, T records and Guinness, music consuming his life in an ambient trance of melancholic and expressive tones. In his death at 36 years of age, his album Spiritual State was released after his funeral, the general theme being that Seba wished to create ‘a world without words’, which was a significant symbol in many of his works. In such tracks as Fly By Night and Another Reflection, I personally found enlightenment in how pure music can be, especially in such a subtle mirrored state of ‘Kumomi’, where there is a natural transition between the seasons in his atmospheric chords. Nujabes was indeed a profilic producer, and it was a shame that his music could not venture onwards to new compilations.

Perhaps the great reason as to why this gentleman deserves a Yatta! Recommendation, is the emotive journey his music encompasses. Particularly in Auruarian Dance, Nujabes creates a visual paradise, the warm sun reflecting off light blouses, the crisp zephyr; an experience which is often left behind in this consumer-saturated world. For me, Nujabes is a breath of fresh air as it were, and if a magazine had a vocal unit attached, I wish it would play the soft spells of a Nujabes creation.

Check out his truly spiritual tracks on Youtube, Spofify and GrooveShark. If you’re not up for that, watch Samurai Champloo and take some of Nujabes audio-administrations.

Words: Josh Carson
All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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