Artist Feature : Melody Ridge!~

Today I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Melody Ridge, an aspiring manga-ka [manga artist].

Melody has already started writing her first manga idea, Great Delirium, as well as frantically jotting down ideas for her multitude of other ideas. So far there’s only a one-shot [a sort of introduction, like a free sample], but it’s completed and ready to read, so please check it out, it’s definitely worth it.

I watched her draw page after page of this by hand, shading and all [and using up many pens in the process!], and this involved working for around 10 hours some days in the holidays, so you can’t say she’s not hardworking! And what a lovely front cover you can see above~

But who is Melody? Well, allow me to explain…

Melody is a UK-based college student, soon to be going to uni, but in amongst her various homework and other commitments she always finds time to draw, sketch and write, and she’s an amazingly determined person.

Her dream is to go to Japan to write manga for one of their many manga compilation magazines like Shonen Jump, and eventually be releasing her own single volumes of manga.

Her main influence and inspiration comes from the popular manga ‘Death Note’, which was the first she ever read. Its realistic art style and type of story were both a big draw for her and she still thinks of it as her favourite.

As well as this, she’s also a big watcher of anime, saying “I’ve watched over 50 in my time”. Her favourites include Natsume Yuujinchou, Tiger and Bunny, Clannad, D-Gray Man and Soul Eater.

But what better way to find out about and get to know her than to visit her DeviantArt page yourself!

Please check out her one-shot, Great Delirium, and check in on her Facebook page too~ also, on dA, if people donate enough points she’ll do some special drawings, such as character profiles or even posters, just for her loyal followers to see!

So head over there and donate if you can, she’d appreciate some new additions to her supporters/fans and feedback is always loved.

Check it out!

Words: Mysti-Chan
All images belong to Melody Ridge and are subject to her copyright. All images are used for promotional use only.


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