Girl Gamer? I Prefer Gamer

So, you’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Girl Gamer’.

Its bandied about a lot in the world of gaming and when you think of ‘Girl Gamer’ you either think of some hot lady licking a controller, dressed in a childs size top and with more plastic than the console, or, some alternative girl, maybe black eye liner, black hair with coloured highlights, wearing a witty game related t-shirt, jeans and converse.

Now, I am not saying there is any thing wrong with those stereo types. But that’s just what they are. Stereo types.

You know what stereo types are? Something people assume or automatically visualise when some one says a word. This is wrong. You don’t stereo type when its racist, why stereo type any thing else?

If I tell some one I am a gamer they go “Oh, like Cooking Mama?”

Just because I wear girly clothes, pink, bows in my hair and make up, this does not mean I do not play games that guys play.

That pink coated blonde girl? She’s finished Amnesia. She can kick your butt on CS:S. Its not just me. I know quite a few girly girls who would kick your butt on a game easier than drinking tea from delicate tea cups. And I tell you what, I loath the term ‘Girl Gamer’. It’s like guys going, “Oh, I’m a boy gamer,”. You just don’t do it, and neither should we!

You often hear ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. But this happens oh so much. If you tell some one you are a girly girl, they don’t even think about you being a gamer. You tell some one you are a gamer, they don’t think you would be a girly girl! Think of any times you have been judged by your looks and it has frustrated you!

‘Girl Gamers’ are often the same as any gamer, no matter what they wear on the outside. They will spend the entire weekend playing a new game on about zero hours sleep and a lot of junk food. They will swear and yell and call you a noob. They will get excited for the new FPS. When I say I am a Gamer, that’s all I want to say. I don’t want to say Girl Gamer.

Can we please rid ourselves of this phrase! We are all just gamers!

What do you all think? Leave a comment below.

Words: Katie Jones
All images belong to their rightful owners and are used under fair use.


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