M A D E ♥ N

It’s Thursday and you know what that means? It’s music time. Enter a new face to the electronic stage.

Over the last year, we have witnessed a rise of ‘synthesized’ music; otherwise unreachable to instrumental bands.

In this dark shadow, an abundance of new talent, bestial and unkempt, left onto our audiotory pallets and swept us with a New Wave of sweeet hihats and deep basslines. But who’s not to say that this new ‘dub’ culture isn’t the only driving factor of popular artists?

Hugo Pierre Leclercq is a 17 year old Nu-disco producer from France, with crazy Ableton talent. Making his first danced orientated track forged from his interested of the likes of Daft Punk and The Beatles, Madeon soon became a prolific dance name.

What really got me going about this immensely talented artist is his method of production, a combination between producer software Ableton Live and the peripheral Novation Launchpad, in addition to Fruit Loops. From his unique structure in both his remixes and releases, Madeon excelled in the Dance Charts reaching 5th in the UK with the crisp summer anthem ‘Icarus’.

But perhaps Madeon’s greatest wonder is the Novation-inspired ‘Pop Culture Mix’, remixing a total of 30 recognized tracks to culminate a deep and feel-good track. His plethora of skills and attributes seem to have no bounds, and to see such a remix only leaves me wondering how I could make such brilliant music. Not only this, but Madeon does not fail to recognize the roots of his sensational tracks. Even in his 60’s vibe, Madeon sculpts his dance music around iconic figures such as John Lennon, brewing music with such a retro entity.

It’s definitely reasonable to call his music a fantasia, the mind unleashed upon hearing his melodic singles. I’ve enjoyed being able to branch out to such an overviewed archetype of music, not only envisaging his tracks but the artist himself on-stage.

You can catch Madeon playing at the Milton Keynes Bowl later in 2012, in addition to Creamfields, Lovebox and Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend. If you wish to hear some of these up-lifting and awe inspiring tracks, head over to YouTube and search for Pop Culture. You’ll soon branch out to some of his limitless remixes such as ‘Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon’, his other-worldly talent definitely to watch out for. I know on a personal level this gives me great hope in the future of electronic production, and it’s a pleasure to see young talent amidst a big crowd.

If anything, this simply proves that with perseverance and talent, you can achieve fantastic things.

You can find more on MADEON over on Facebook,Youtube and Twitter.

Words: Josh Carson
All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use.


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