Edd Gould 1988-2012

I’m not one to normally do ‘editor’ messages but today I have some sad news to share with you all…

On Sunday the 25th of March 2012 Edd Gould, creator of Eddsworld, passed away after a six year long battle with cancer.

Normally, we wouldn’t cover something like this but Edd Gould held a special place in our hearts. For me personally he was the reason I first got into animation and was an idol.

He was creative, friendly, cheerful, fun and an overall good person who was able to create fun and funny work for millions of viewers. His close friends will of course know just how much of a great person he truely was but for his fans, including us, he was a friend, idol and hero.

Us here at Yatta, like many of you, are deeply saddened but the news of his loss. He was an amazming young person who always put his work and love for his fans before anything else. A personal hero for many, he was also the reason for so many people wanting to become animators and artist’s.

Last year some of us were able to chat to Edd during the London MCM EXPO and this is a memory we will never forget.

Lastly, like all of you our hearts are with his friends and family during this time of loss and we wish them the best.

Cancer is something we wish on no one in this world.

Rest in peace Edd Gould. You were one of the best, and will be missed.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Edd ‘Eddsworld’ Gould
1988 – 2012

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich


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