Monstermind Campaign Review

Earlier this week the online social game Monstermind got a big update. The addition of a new campaign mode hosting a fair number of new features. The question is, does the update deliver?

Monstermind has hands down been my favourite game over the last few weeks. Even to today I still find myself putting more time into it then any other game I own. From a quick ten minute session to spending an hour to destroy a city, it’s all so sweet. Having played from day one I’ve been able to watch it grow and develop and with every addition I’m always ready to get my teeth into it. The game is just an enjoyable experience which is made better by the great design choices Bossa Studios makes.

So with the addition of a player focused campaign, the enjoyment should continue right?

The campaign at first look doesn’t seem like much, having only added an icon to your screen. However, once you click that and head on in your given a whole new experience. From an over-world map to a list of different evil baddies, there is a lot to enjoy. Now the gameplay is still the same design we are use to however the design of the levels is the key element here. Each city you enter in your quest to rule the world, as it were, sets you with a limited number of monsters and pre-planned goals. Some have you destroying everything in your way, others ask you to leave some buildings alone but all have you thinking and planning your attacks. This is where the campaign is in it’s element.

We were rather wary of this big update, though, as it is essentially a single-player affair, a campaign meant to be mostly on your own, while the rest of Monstermind is about pure PvP combat. But in the end we felt that a bit of an adventure alone, to let you get more used to how the monsters behave while razing cities to the ground, was necessary to prepare the players for the real combat waiting for them down the line.”

Henrique Olifiers, founding partner and gamer-in-chief at Bossa Studios

I must say however for whatever story there is, I’ve lost track of it. That may well just be down to me wanting to just destroy everything but the addition of some rather funny looking baddies is great.

If your like me your find at first that not being able to just spam 50 of the same monster on the town hall a bit of a throw out but once you come to terms with the limits of each level, you really do get into it. It allows you to learn many new ways to play the game and how to use your monsters. This really shows when you head back to destroying a random city and find yourself using less monsters then before, which helps the bank.

The new campaign isn’t just about the challenge and learning however, it’s also still very social. Each level has it’s own leader board and lets you see who is the best out of you and your friends. You gain points for a range of factors so it’s always best to replay a level just to get that one up on your friends. I know it’s what keeps pushing me forward.

Monstermind continues to become a growing success. With a BAFTA under the belt and the new campaign mode, I can’t stop playing.

Yatta! Magazine team member

Now I do however have a small issue with the campaign. Given the update is less then a week old and I feel bad for pointing it out, I am of course talking about the difficulty level. Being a lover of real time strategy games myself, I’m normally able to get my head around a level very fast. However on many a time I found myself spending more then a few hours trying to beat just one level. Now personally, i don’t mind this but for some people, this may put them off.

Of course, with updates in the comings weeks I’m sure Bossa will play around with this so don’t let it put you off the new campaign mode. After all, it’s all part of the challenge and it’s only less then a week old.

So what is the overall view? It’s simple, the new Monstermind campaign is a barrel of fun for any player who is looking to get more out of an already well built and enjoyable game. With leader boards, creative challenges and an effective design, it’s an all round winner. If I could give the update a number value, the new campaign would earn it’s self a lovely 9/10 from me.

It’s worth your time and even with a difficulty that some may find new, the amount of enjoyment you get out of the campaign just over shadows those small points.

If you haven’t played it all ready, you should. I really can’t wait to see how this develops and see what’s next for Monstermind.

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
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All images belong to their rightful owners and are used within fair use.


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