Monstermind Campaign Mode Goes Live!

If you asked Bossa Studios how their week was going you would get two things. “We won a BAFTA” and “Campaign mode!”.

That’s right, our friends over at Bossa studios, creators of Monstermind won themselves a BAFTA for best online browser game 2012. We couldn’t be more happy for them on winning, well done everyone.

To mark this they have today, March 21st, just released a new campaign mode for the hit game. The new mode promises to give players a wide range of new features to play with including a world wide leader board.

Full press announcement follows…

Super fans of the anti-social game ‘Monstermind’ are getting ready for the release of a new Campaign Mode, set to inject a brand new tactical element to the game with the inclusion of a world map and dossier filled cabinet of evil baddies!

In this extra addition to the already successful head-to-head version, players will be faced with brain-busting strategic puzzles, in the form of cities, designed to withstand penetrating attacks from the much loved giant B-movie monsters already stomping around the award-winning online browser game.

Those brave enough to take on the Campaign Mode will be ranked against their friends enemies in a live leader board based on how intelligently and quickly they bring down the evil bosses’ defences. Nasties such as Freddy Mudslinger, Dr Malevelo and Dan McGrew will be cheekily taunting players, putting them off and raising the difficulty bar across 50 cities, in five separate states all over the world.

If the pressure of tackling these enemies on their own turf isn’t enough, users will also be able to join the ‘Player Vs Player’ mode and attack other cities; wreaking their own havoc, raging war on their foes and declaring themselves the ‘World Dominator’ of Monstermind!

Henrique Olifiers, founding partner and gamer-in-chief at Bossa Studios, said: “In the week we win a BAFTA for Monstermind we add a new feature to the game too. With every new addition to the game we bring it closer to the experience we want it to be, thanks to the help and feedback of our players along the way. This is what makes social games so cool to work on, this back-and-forth with our players, and the ever-evolving nature of the games we make.

“We were rather wary of this big update, though, as it is essentially a single-player affair, a campaign meant to be mostly on your own, while the rest of Monstermind is about pure PvP (Player versus Player) combat. But in the end we felt that a bit of an adventure alone, to let you get more used to how the monsters behave while razing cities to the ground, was necessary to prepare the players for the real combat waiting for them down the line.”

“I think Monstermind now feels more complete, rounded, it brings us nearer to the objective we ultimately want to achieve: to create social games that are much closer to the quality standards found in console games. Games for gamers, if you wish!”

In advance the campaign unveiling, Bossa Studios has been telling a story and seeding teaser content and viral videos on the new additions, through the Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, via YouTube and through a dedicated campaign microsite

For more on Monstermind and to play the game yourself, make sure to head on over to their Facebook page. We will have a full review on the new mode in the coming few days.

Campaign mode is live right now so you should check it out for sure. We’ll have more news and details on Monstermind and Bossa in the coming days.

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
Press announcement: Bossa Studio
Mondstermind on Facebook and Twitter
All images belong to their rightful owners and are used within fair use.


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