Top Ten Martial Arts films – Part One

You know the films. Those hard fighting, fast action martial arts films which are just super fun to watch. Well now we have our personal top ten so check it out.

Note that the age rating for each film is listed with each film and some many not be suitable for viewers of younger ages. Please check the age rating before watching.

Number 10: Ninja Assassin

Rating – 18 + Strong Bloody Violence and Gore
Director – James McTeigue
Released – 29th September 2009

If you have ever wondered “what would happen if someone got hit by a martial arts weapon?” watch this film! But beware its not for the faint hearted the production crew of Ninja Assassin went to great lengths to make the action sequences in this film as realistic as possible.

Ninja Assassin is incredibly gory, the main “character” is played by “Rain” a Korean pop-star who picked up the fight choreography very well. It also stars “Sho Kosugi” who starred in many late 80s Ninja film, which were truly terrible…. The films that is!

Number 9: Kill Bill

Rating – 18 + Strong Bloody Violence
Director – Quentin Tarantino
Starring – Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu

Quentin Tarantino (director) did a great job in drawing many “Asian action film” influences, from the beautifully gory “japanese tea house” scene to “street fight” scenes drawn from chinese motion pictures. Many of the stars in this film have a long extensive martial arts background including the beautiful “Lucy Liu” who looks very scary in this movie wielding Japanese sword. Its not a bad thing being in #9th place this is a truly great film, must watch!

Number 8: Kung Fu Hustle

Rating – 15 + Strong Stylized Action and Violence
Director – Stephen Chow
Starring – Stephen Chow and Xiaogang Feng

Kung Fu Hustle blends tongue in cheek comedy and amazing martial arts action, with just a fair amount of CGI a perfect mix! Set in 1940s China, a young Chinese man named “Sing” stumbles upon a slum town rules by eccentric landlords, who turns out to be the greatest kung-fu masters in disguise, “Sings” action eventually causes the axe gang and the slumlords to engage in an “explosive” kung fu battle.

Number 7: Fearless

Rating – 15 + Violence and Martial arts action
Director – Ronny Yu
Starring – Jet Li and Collin Chou

Starring Jet Li, Fearless is based on the “real-life story” of “Huo Yuanjia” the founder of and spiritual guru of the “Jin Wu Sports Federation”, Fearless is set in the late 1800s to early 1900s china. Hianjia (Jet Li) has been disgraced after an ill-advised fight shatters his life and reputation. To redeem his name, he must battle the most advanced and terrifying fighters in the world. The story is very tasteful and the action is amazing!

Number 6: Chocolate

Rating 18 + Strong Violence throughout
Director – Prachya Pinkaew
Starring – Jee-Ja Yanin and Hiroshi Abe

Chocolate is another brilliant action film to come out of Thailand, produced by the same production company as many of “Tony Jaa’s” films. Chocolate stars “Jee-ja Yanin” a lady with exeptional martial skill, like “Ong Bak” there was no wires, cgi of any sort, and the trailer tells it all! there were many injuries in “chocolate” they stunt crew were definetly tough, proving that a film without CGI takes real martial skill.

That’s it for part one. Stay tuned for part two coming in the next few days.

What do you think of the list so far? What is your favourite martial arts film?

Words: Conor Holden
All images belong to their rightful owners and used under fair use


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