Sui Princess Interview

it’s fashion time but what better way then to have an interview. Please welcome, Sui Princess.

For those curious in general Japanese fashion and more specificly gyaru style, you may be interested in this interview with a well known gaijin gyaru named Sui Princess. Here she mentions alot of things that gyaru life can involve which may help those who want to start getting into the fashion themselves.

Read on for the interview…

1. What first got you interested in your current fashion style? How long have you been dressing like this?

I’ve been in love with the Gyaru style since 2 years. I saw an issue of Ageha in Düsseldorf and fell in love with this style, the hair, nails and fashion! Then I found out the Himestyle suits so me very well and found Himenas blog. Since then I’ve been in love with Gyaru especially the Hime Gyaru style.

2. What do you call your style?

Mhh, maybe Himegyaru or something Agejo style, but I like it to mix them all – Lolita, Hime, Agejo, all together xD

3. What/who are your biggest inspirations?


I love her so much and her blog is awesome. I’ve named my cat Himena, too. XD I also have Gaijin Gyaru inspirations like Zhi Zhi, Foki or Anji.

4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

1,5 hrs when I do my big- special hair XD. If I use my half wigs then I need 50 min ^—^. I know this is also kind of long…

5. Does the way you look ever restrict you from doing things in life? (Example: Jobs )

At my work I’m wearing a simple style mixed with a little bit gyaru. I normally wear all my gyaru clothes every day.

6. What do your friends and family think of your style?

My friends like my style and accept it. There is no problem to hang out with them. My family accepts it, but prefer my simple, more natural style. The only person in my family who doesn´t accept my style is my mum, but well, you can’t always please everybody,

7. Do strangers ever say anything to you about the way you look?

Yes they call me Barbie or Sleeping Beauty, but well I don´t have a problem with this, because I know that I don´t look like the normal German girl ^—^. Sometimes people come to me and say that they like my style ^—^

8. What is your favourite outfit ?

Yes of course my Jesus Diamante outfit ! *O*

A special thank you to Sui Princess for taking the time to do this interview.

Make sure to check out her blog for more.

Interviewer: River McNutt
Interviewee: Sui Princess
All images belong to Sui Princess


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