Portsmouth Martial Arts – Ninjutsu interview

Martial arts week wouldn’t be complete with out an interview and today we bring you an interview all about Ninjusu.

We took the time to head on down to Warrior Craft, 3 Highland Road, Southsea, to have a talk to one of the main people there about Ninjutsu. They offer a wide range of courses and classes from Ninjutsu to MMA [Mix Martial Arts]. Make sure to check them out if your looking to pick up a martial art.

Now then, on with the interview:

What is ninjutsu?

ninjutsu isn’t just a martial arts, it’s more a strategy used way back in old Japan. ninjutsu can be about the kicking, punching, throwing and swords but it could also be the information gerhering or such. There is a wide range of thing that fall into the question of ‘What is ninjutsu’.

So it’s not all just all about the fighting?

No not at all. They kind of had a system in place really. Say you have two boxers about to fight, who ever wins out of those two wins, simple. Of course when your out numbered that doesn’t work at all and for the people using ninjutsu they were always out numbered. So it was more about finding out the needed information to ensure a victory.

With that core idea, how would you say ninjutsu has be able to fit into today’s world?

It’s chnaged a lot over the years. The moves and techqies that we teach now are very different to those you would have been shown years ago. It’s not all about learning a move written on a srcool from 1000 years ago, it’s changed just like the people studying it. The core of ninjutsu is built on five values and over the years, many different things have come from those as it’s changed over time. So long as the value is the same, how you put them together is up to you really.

So ninjutsu is all about adapting to survive almost?


Would you say ninjutsu is more self-defence or to be used more as an attacking method?

I’m not a fan of the word’s self-defence as it says you have to be a victim first before you can do anything. The idea of ‘I must wait to be attacked before defending myself’ isn’t as good as always being ready to attack. Of course saying that, it can and is a method of self-defence. It can go both ways it’s again, down to how you want to use it.

What elements do you mainly teach to someone who is just starting out?

We would teach you to move. Which is something people today don’t really do. It’s all about being able to move and keep balance and see how much speed you have behind that movement. Timing and speed are important. Most people once they leave school do less sports and such now then when they were in school. It means any skills they had during school are just wasting away. We always start by making sure your able to move and keep up before we start to move you onto some more in depth ninjutsu elements.

Now, one thing people always see is a ninja with a sword. Is weapon play a big part of ninjutsu?

It is part of what we teach, yes but you won’t be anywhere near them on day one. You might do some work with a wooden weapon early on including things such as a short stick and what not. As you work up the ranks your be able to train with more weapons both wooden and real in a controlled manner. However if you come to ninjutsu looking to get your hands on a sword you will be working for a long time til your there, so think about that.

Would you say ninjutsu has a lot of ‘give respect get respect’?

Very much so yes.

A lot of people say ninjutsu is part of their life, would you agree?

Yeah, you can use a lot of what you learn in every day life. It may be a bit over used that saying but you can. It’s more about learning to train yourself but that saying is a bit over used.

Moving on to what you do here, how old do people need to be to start learning ninjutsu?

I start teaching adults at 16. I do have classes for younger people, and the great thing is that there is no top limit. If you can move and want to learn we will teach you. You don’t even need to be fit we will make you fit through the classes.

How do people get about joining a class?

Turn up with a smile and we will get you started. If you want to learn, we will teach you. We teach three times a week so there is a lot of time to come on down.

What do you cover in your lesson’s?

No two lessons are the same. We have a set lesson plan for when it comes to moving up a level but in all we teach what we feel you need to know at the time and what your ready to know. At the same time if you want to ask about something and learn it, we will teach you to. There is a lot of freedom in the classes.

Last question, what would you say to people who are thinking of coming down?

Turn up with an open mind. It’s a real world class and what we teach will work for you in an effective way. There is a lot of work but it all pays off. Come on down with a smile and we will take you in. Keep at it and your go far.

A big thank you too Warrior Craft for taking the time to let us interview them and make sure to check them out.

For more check out their website and their Facebook page.

Interviewer: Nikholai Koolonavich
Interviewee: Warrior Craft
All images belong to their rightful owner and are used under fair use


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