Yatta met a Hero.

We are big comic fans here at Yatta but for one member of the team, Joe, he was able to finally meet his hero. Mr Stan anyone?

It’s not everyday that you get to say something as bold as that but thanks to London Super Comic Con this past weekend that was possible. Mr Stan the man Lee himself came to the UK for the first time in the last 40 years to sign peoples possessions, take photos and talk about he’s life.

The reception for Stan was brilliant, people travelled from all over Europe for a chance to meet the legend himself. The sheer amount of people queueing for photos, signings and panels reflected this. Wherever Stan went the crowds followed in full force leaving the majority of the convention centre bare.

The team who were responsible for the autographs and photos were fully prepared for the sheer amount of people here to see the man himself. Both sessions were operated like a conveyor belt system. Making sure no body was disappointed, everyone got to witness their item signed, and got a nice bit of interaction while taking the photo.

The stand out point of Stan’s visit were the panels. Stan is like a granddad full of great stories holding your interest with every word that comes from his mouth. He could have easily spoken for hours on end. The presenter who asking the questions didn’t even need to be present as Stan has a story about everything through his amazing life time.

This could possibly be Stan’s last ever UK convention and what a great move the London Super Comic Con made in it being theirs. This event will forever be remembered for that and people are already asking hop this next year. Stan Lee is one of if not thee biggest names in the comic book industry. This was truly a once in a life time opportunity and I would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible.

This will forever be one of the best moments in my life time and I will never forget it. Thank you London Super Comic Con I can’t wait to see what you have ready for next year.


Words: Joe kay
All images belong to their rightful owners


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