Moshi Moshi Radio

Being interested in the Asia Pacific region of the world can sometimes leave people feeling alienated in certain aspects of their life.

Whilst clothing inspiration may be easier to come by as time moves on and there are the occasional anime shows on TV as well as an improving NHK worldwide. An area of media that still feels “untouched” has got to be the Radio.

If you find yourself actively avoiding the radio because the music on its many stations does not appeal to you then fear no more, in the small Yorkshire town of Bradford the revolution has begun in the form of Moshi Moshi Radio!

Airing from 2pm GMT on a Thursday Moshi Moshi plays the best in Japanese and Korean popular music, there’s even the occasional Vocaloid piece thrown in there too. They also discuss other areas of media such as their favourite and popular films, games giving their own little reviews which are very helpful if you have ever been undecided in watching or trying something out. They also have a fantastic Culture Corner talking about traditional festivals such as New Year celebrations and also more casual subjects such as Lolita and Gyaru fashion.

Moshi Moshi Radio is a two woman show that seems to have it all and it can only get better. The two girls running the show (Sally and Soph) are huge fans of Japanese and Korean culture in all areas, they are active in the Yorkshire Anime/Cosplay scene and can often be seen strolling casually around Leeds in their Lolita style.

To tune in to Moshi Moshi Radio check out the Bradford Student Union Radio Station Ramair, the show airs from 2pm GMT on a Thursday!

Other websites include;
WordPress (You can make requests here.)

Words: Sami Spoon
Logo by Moshi Moshi Radio team


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