Kirriban contest, catch the mark!

It’s contest time! We have teamed up with DeviantArt artist ‘Midnight-Runner’ to bring you a great contest.

She is soon to hit 7,777 page views and to mark this event she is doing a sweet give away and we have supplied some prizes. It’s even an easy content to enter!

How to enter!:

Head on over to Minnight-Runner’s profile [link] and keep an eye on the ‘page view’ number at the top. All you have to do is get a screen shot/photo of her page including her name and the page views, upload it and drop her a message.

The winner will be the person who catches the 7,777 page views however there are also prizes for 7,776 and 7,778.

What can you win?:

1st prize: a yatta shirt, some yatta stickers, a handmade sketch book and some pencils. AND an A5 commission by MidnightRunner of your choosing!!!

2nd and 3rd prize: Some stickers, a handmade sketch book, and an A6 commission by Midnight-Runner of your choosing!

That’s it, simple!

Head on over to Midnight-Runners page [link] and make sure to check back often to ensure you don’t miss the 7,777 mark.

Good luck everyone!

Contest is being run by Midnight-Runner with the help of Yatta!. Full details can be found at Midnight-Runner’s DeviantArt page.


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