Time for therapy, some Unboxtherapy

Remember the last time you went out and brought yourself a new product, like a game for example. Then follows that moment of joy as you open up the packaging with care and joy. It’s a beautiful moment no matter what your unboxing and it’s something I love. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh game?

Ok, maybe that’s a bit to far but none the less there are some people who unbox better then the rest and share their experience with the world. After all product and package design is an art form. We would like to welcome you to Unboxtherapy, a fast rising star in the uboxing world.

Unboxing a product is an art. To capture every detail of the product in one go takes skill, care and a high level of attention to detail. Add to that the factor it’s all be filmed and you only have one shot and your under a lot of pressure. For Lewis Hilsenteger, founder & editor-in-chief of Unboxtherapy, it’s what he does in his sleep. Unboxtherapy is a website and youtube channel all about enjoying the hard work that goes into the design of the product and the packaging. Not only that but it’s about getting you as close as possible to the product to enjoy every inch of detail. With a wide range of product unboxed every week, Lewis aims to deliver an enjoyable viewing experience to all.

Add elements of in depth product understanding and knowledgeable reviews and your on to a winner. The world of unboxing is a large and unknown one with almost everyone taking a shot at the fame that awaits. Lewis and the team at Unboxtherapy however have been able to create something different and unique which has seen them fly thought the ranks of the online world. With unboxing still a fairly new addition to the online world, it’s a joy to see someone take such pride in what they do as much as Unboxtherapy do.

But how do they do it I hear you ask? Well it’s simple really. Lewis is someone who not only enjoys what he does but understands that his viewers not only want to see a high level unboxing but also a in depth review along side some close up macro shots of the product and packaging. For some, this love of unboxing may seem odd and unfitting but in truth it’s simply a way of showing thanks to the hard work and design that goes into every day products. Lewis makes sure that you see every inch of the product in true HD, marco goodness. Not only that but unlike many other people who do unboxing videos Lewis is a very chilled guy and is someone you can always relate to. He isn’t for or against a product and will always be honest with his views on the product that he is reviewing. In the world of product reviews this is a very useful element to have. It’s what makes Lewis stand out from the rest and he is always ready to listen to what his fans and viewers have to say.

Not only that but Lewis himself is a very nice guy who takes time for his fans and always have a moment spare to hit up a few comments and messages. Add to that the number of giveaways he runs where he gives away some very respectable products [such as iPods and Beats Headphones] and you have everything you need. Unboxtherapy isn’t just on youtube however, oh no, they have a website as well where Lewis is joined by a team who make sure to begin you the best in product and tech related news, reviews and unboxings on a regular bases. In all, Unboxtherapy makes sure that no inch is left untouched and do the best they can to begin you the latest in product and tech news, along with those oh so sweet unboxing’s.

Unboxtherapys delivers the whole package, and that is what makes them stand out from the rest and rise to the top. It’s for all those reasons that we keep our eyes very close to Unboxtherapy and can’t wait to see where they go next. Great work guys, keep it up.

If you like what your read then make sure to check out Unboxtherapy over at the website and on Youtube. At the same time make sure to hit up ‘The Beast Feed’ which is one of Lewis’s other projects.

Thanks for reading and make sure to show Unboxtherapy and Lewis some love.

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
All images and videos used under fair use and belong to their rightful owners
Unboxtherapy website
Unboxtherapy Youtube
The Beast Feed


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