Tim Schafer wants your money

To make a new [and what could be the best to date] Adventure game. The difference here is that he wants your help to not only fund, but also have input on the games creation.

Could this be the return of adventure games?

Just over 48 hours ago, Tim Schafer and Double Fine Studios released details of their plans to make a new game for the fans, supported by fans. You see in today’s world of high budget games the Publisher is the main person who gets a say in what direction a game will go. Lately this hasn’t been for the best with things like ‘Online Passes’ and yearly releases. I’m looking at you ‘Call of Duty’. For a studio like Double Fine this is an issue as most publishers just don’t like the idea of Adventure games any more.

Other than that it will be an old school adventure, we’re not sure. That’s the beauty of it! Everything will unfold in front of the cameras with help from you!

However, that is all about to change and it’s going to make history. What’s been named the ‘Double Fine Adventure’ is a kickstater event to not only raise the funds to make this new game but also a ground breaking move in which the whole development process will be filmed and made public as it happens. Not only that but the fans, supporters and community it’s self will have input and say on how the game will be developed. With all that and the mind of Tim Schafer, what more could you want?

Now here is the epic bit. In less then ten hours the project hit it’s goal of $400,000 and at the time of writing this stands at almost $1,500,000! There are still 31 days to go until the project ends and with more money being pledged to the project every hour, this is turning into an event for the record books.

For anyone interested in the inner workings of the game industry, either professionally or as a fan, this project will be a landmark in exploring the art of development. For people that just love great games, this is an opportunity to help bring one to fruition.

So, if your looking to get your hands on Tim Schafer’s latest game and have a say on the development, or even just want to see how games are made, check out the kickstarter page now.

This is history in the making, and we can’t wait to see how it goes. You can bet Yatta will be backing this all the way.

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
Source: Kickstarter


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