Valentine’s Day. Sit back, relax and chill

It’s February. You know what that means, right? Valentine’s Day.

The one day where you can either feel loved, or left out. But never fret, for I am here to give you some short but sweet tips on how you can make your 14th of February all the more better.

First thing you need to do is prepare some food that you absolutely adore. For me, it’s the simple case of baking myself my own pizza and putting as much cheese as humanly possible on it! Compliment it with some cream soda, crunchy M&Ms, and perhaps a sneaky box of vanilla-coated pocky and you’re all set.

Secondly, you should either grab a video game, movie or television series that you adore and have a full-on marathon with it. Who needs cards covered in pink when you can just suit up in heavy armour and slay dragons all night?

Thirdly, whether or not you have company with you, have a great time doing what you enjoy and just remember that today is a completely normal day like any other. Sure, some people might be receiving cards and kisses, but hell, you’ve got yourself a huge portion of your favourite delicacy and in the zone with nothing but pure entertainment.

Stay tuned to Yatta for more ideas over the coming days.

Have a good one everyone, Yatta! loves you!

Words: Michael Steel
Images used within fair use


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