RIFT: Ascend for free

We are big gamers here at Yatta and recently, one of our favourite online games just released details on it’s ‘free to play’ elements. We are of course talking about RIFT.

RIFT, the MMORPG released last year by Trion Worlds, is a very different sort of game using a wide range of different design choices to create a strong and enjoyable game. We here at Yatta enjoy RIFT a fair amount and are happy that they are now releasing ‘RIFT Lite‘.

‘RIFT Lite’ allows any player, new or returning to take up arms for free in the world of RIFT up to the level of 20. No time limits, no credit card required and you get access to all of the games features. Just don’t enter a level 50 fight, you will lose.

So if your looking for a new MMO to play and haven’t already checked out RIFT then now is the best time to. The open world, in depth story and epic gameplay really make for an enjoyable game. Add the random opening of ‘rifts’ and world events almost every other day, your find endless things to do in RIFT.

To start playing RIFT on a lite account head over to website here and create your account, download the game and away you go.

RIFT website: Link
All images and videos used under fair use.


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