Extreme snow in Japan

BBC News says that the UK is facing some bad weather. However Sophie from ‘Sophie’s Japan Blog’ sent us her latest post about the snow in Japan. It’s far worst people.

Extreme snow in Japan

Think the cold spell in Britain’s bad? It’s much worse in Japan. In fact, there are far too many stories emerging on this topic that it was impossible to pick out just one. In light of this, I am linking you to three separate stories from the News on Japan website (one of my main sources for Japanese news).

Firstly, 51 people across Japan died due to the extreme blizzards gripping the country. On the same day, it emerged the an avalanche in Hokkaido killed three bathers in an onsen. Thursday evening saw 500 vehicles being stranded by snow in the northern Aomori Prefecture. People unable to return home have been offered public lodgings in assembly halls and primary schools and even Tokyo is experiencing heavy snow. These are the worst snowstorms that Japan has faced in 5 years.

The most extreme weather conditions are confined to northern Japan, particularly the island of Hokkaido. However, much of the country is currently gripped by an unforgiving and potentially deadly snowfall.

Words: Sophie’s Japan Blog
Source: Japantimes.co.jp
All images used under fair use.


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