Sophie’s top ten men in Anime ~ Part 2

It’s time to finish off the list of ‘Top men in Anime’ by our guest writer Sophie, from Sophie’s Japan Blog today with part two. If you missed part one make sure to check it out here.

SPOILER WARNING: If you plan to watch any of the series on this list, skip the relevant paragraph and go watch the show!



Full Metal Alchemist was my first proper anime ‘fandom’ and Roy Mustang was always the GOD of this series. He is on the list. Deal with it.

‘Colonel’ Roy aka The Flame Alchemist is a State Alchemist who plans to become the next leader (unfortunately the formal title is Fuhrer) of the country Amestris. He is infamous within the military for being shallow, self-absorbed and a womanizer (you’re probably noticing a pattern here by now) but it is in fact a ploy to fool the higher-ups into underestimating him. He sees himself as a protector of those around him and is a firm ally to the Elrics in their fight against the homunculi and ultimate destruction of the country. In the original story, Roy has his sight taken away from him in the climactic battle but still contributes to the battle despite his blindness. This was one of the most emotional scene for many of the fans (there are a LOT of them in FMA) but the good news is he does get it back eventually. Hooray!

Roy makes the list because pyromaniacs are always fun.

4) Kabaragi T. Kotetsu (Tiger & Bunny)

Source: tigerandbunny.tumblr

If you haven’t already watched Tiger & Bunny yet, do it! It’s quite possibly the best anime I’ve seen in the last year – and a large amount of that has to do with the comic relief provided by Kabaragi T. Kotetsu (Wild Tiger).

Kotetsu is a ‘veteran’ superhero (I think he’s meant to be around his mid-thirties, so he may as well be 100 years old in the world of anime) who is forced to join up with a younger, handsomer hero (Barnaby Brookes Jr.) who shares the same super power as him. Needless to say, Kotetsu isn’t too happy and the fact that his estranged daughter is a massive Barnaby fan doesn’t help. He is often the butt of the show’s slapstick jokes; uncovering his daughters ‘secret stash’ of Barnaby photos, dropping a woman’s pen under a moving lorry whilst trying to upstage Barnaby and sign his autograph and his attempt to plan a surprise birthday and mistaking an actual diamond thief for another hero. It’s hard to believe that a super hero can be so clueless.

Kotetsu is probably one of the most believable characters in the show and you really can sympathise with him beyond the ‘oh, being a super hero is so hard’ business. For starters, his blames his career for the death of his wife and his distance from his daughter. On top of that, his being upstaged by the younger and cooler Barnaby (who he patronisingly names ‘Bunny’) is something that we can probably all relate to in our own way. He’s on the list because it would be wrong if he wasn’t.

3) Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)


‘Oh my god, how is Date Masamune not #1 on your list? Didn’t you dedicate a whole blog post to this guy?’ Well, yes, and that’s part of the reason why he’s not at the top of the list – I didn’t want to be so predictable! Still, he’s in the top three for a very good reason – he’s manly!

Admittedly, this isn’t a particular well-developed character in the same way that Kotetsu is. However, there are three things I love in anime: eyepatches, Engrish and samurai. So, yes, this is a very biased and shallow decision. That said, Date Masamune (inaccurately based on an actual samurai) is the star of the Sengoku Basara series due to his recognisable Engrish dialogue. Rather than list everything he’s said, I advise you to have a look for videos on Youtube. Lord of Oshu and known as ‘the One-Eyed Dragon’, he is a instantly recognisable in the anime (and modern day Japan, in fact) by his crescent moon helmet.

Sengoku Basara is like the Power Rangers of anime. Explosions, samurai fighting in midair, raw manliness and action instead of plot. Masamune’s on the list because I love this show and I love his ‘ridicurous’ character. It’s very biased and I’m afraid #2 will be as well . . .

2) Chosokabe Motochika (Sengoku Basara)


Hey, guys, guess what my favourite anime is? Is it also blatantly obvious that I also love men with eyepatches?

OK, so Motochika made the list for the same reasons as Masamune. He has an eyepatch BUT he is also a pirate and surfs on a giant anchor. (I think there’s probably a subliminal message in there somewhere.) I think everyone has a guilty pleasure and mine is two-dimensional characters. In the anime, he is one of the more well-intentioned characters; harbouring war refugees and loyal to his crew who constantly refer to him as ‘ANIKI’ (bro). As a pirate, his fighting style is rough and brutal but this is slightly overshadowed by the fact that he’s accompanied by a parrot . . . and the fact that he was known as ‘Little Princess’ in his childhood because his parents dressed him up as a girl. Obviously, this gets overlooked in Sengoku Basara.

Motochika makes the list because . . . uh . . . What was I talking about?

1) Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


Whilst not everyone will have agreed with some of my choices on this list – I’d be very surprised if anyone who’s seen Gurren Lagann will dislike my #1.

Simon is more than the embodiment of ‘manliness’ but the embodiment of the entire series. The series begins with Simon as a child, discovering the surface world and living in the shadow of the older and cooler Kamina. Just a few episodes in, Kamina is killed off and this upsets the balance of the show, Simon and fans alike. How can you kill off the best character in the show? How can Simon carry on by himself? Why is Kaima dead? (Commence the shedding of manly tears.)

In the second half of the series, skip forward seven years later to when Simon is an adult. The simple battle between good and evil that existed in his mind before is much more complex as old friends seem to betray him and his actions from the past have a terrible affect on the present world. The fights become more dramatic and the villains much more complex, as Simon and his friends ultimately fight in SPACE for the sake of the entire universe. However, what really makes Simon such an impressive character is how he surpasses Kamina, previously perceived by many to be the most bad ass character of all time. In fact, he more or less resembles him in the final stages of his battle.

But does that mean that Kamina should be #1 instead of Simon? For me, personally, no. We see his character develop much more substantially and, once you have watched the entire series, you realise how Simon has grown along with the plot. He IS the plot. And it’s a bloody good plot at that.

Simon makes the list because his character is brilliantly executed and very complex. He starts off as a naive young boy, living in the shadows of his hero even after his death, who sees everything as a battle between good and evil. As time goes by, he matures and thus realises that the world and indeed Gurren Lagann’s plot is not written in black and white. As such, Kamina’s death also ceases to be pointlessly upsetting and becomes intrinsic to the progression of Simon’s character and journey.

That’s it for the list. We hope you enjoyed this top ten and don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you think.

A big thank you to Sophie for writing this article and you should all check out her blog. Don’t forget as well to check out her art contest which finishes soon.

Words: Sophie’s Japan Blog
Images used within fair use rights.


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