Disko Warp Music Goes ‘Name Your Price’

As long time fans of the Happy Hardcore music that Disko Warp puts out including songs such as ‘Less Then Three’ and ‘Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire’, the news that they are changing there business model has come as a shock. But is it a good shock?

The announcement came out Saturday 29th that from now on all Disko Warp music was going to be released with a ‘name your price’ model along with some ‘free to download’. The details were released on Facebook in the following status…

All releases on diskowarp.bandcamp.com are now “pay what you want”. It’s been a long decision process, but I’m excited about the change. Please consider paying something when you download, so that we can continue to offer high quality music. Your $ go to pay for more free download credits on Bandcamp (yes, we have a limited number) and other fees associated with keeping the label going. You love Disko Warp, right? Disko Warp loves you. Let’s fight for the future. Adapt or die.

Through replying to questions Disko Warp also gave more details about this change. In short, CD sales will stop apart from ‘Anime Love Hardcore‘ due to good sales along with all iTunes sales stopping in the coming weeks.

Bandcamp offers a limited number of free downloads and more have to be purchased. Luckily they’re cheap ($20 for 2000 free download credits) but it still costs money. It is a bold move, but I’m ready for it. It’s been suggested to me quite a few times by my artists & DJ’s. I think this is the direction things are headed in, like it or not, so I’ve decided Disko Warp will be ahead of the curve on this. There’s quite a few reasons I’ve decided to do this and I’ll probably make a post about those soon.

Given the current state of the music industry this move is a very good one in our eyes. With the sales of CD’s dropping more with ever month as digital downloads take over, and with the growing rate of piracy on the raise, record labels need to change there business methods. Bandcamp.com offers a great platform for smaller labels, such as Disko Warp to adjust to the change in the market and continue to push forward with what they do. It’s a risk yes, but those who dare win. By allowing your customers to have the freedom to pick the price, it’s been shown that they are more likely to spend more. This of course is a good thing. The added bonus is the free downloads, that always gets the fan base wanting to show more support by means of purchases.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, as long term fans, we think this change is good and once they have some time to get all the final details in place, we think Disko Warp can look forward to continued sales. We’re looking forward to see what happens next for Disko Warp and can’t wait from more music from them and the many skilled artist who work with them.

Don’t forget to check out Disko Warp on bandcamp, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr.

What do you think about this change? Do you think more record labels should make the same move?

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
Images: Disko Warp Music
Video: Disko Warp Music and GoshaDole

All materials used within fair use and belongs to their rightful owners.


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