Lolita meet, first of 2012

It’s that time again for yet more Lolita meets. We join team member Wai-Yi as she attended her first meet of 2012 last Saturday. This time we even have a video which one of the girls there recorded about the girl’s outfits.

Hey guys, hope everyone had a fab Christmas and be-lated Happy New Year from me! I went to my first Lolita meet of 2012 on Saturday and what a wonderful time I had. The meet was arranged by Lottie, a Lolita I met at the Bath meet, and it was to be hosted in her beautiful home town- Bradford on Avon.

This time I was joined by a uni friend who recently got into Lolita, so this was her first ever meet. We met up at Winchester station and my boyfriend and I got there 5 seconds before the train left! I won’t lie, that was pretty scary. Luckily Summer had already bought us tickets and the gates were open, no kafuffle was needed. So we got on our train and had to change over at Southampton, but unfortunately at that moment the train decided to suffer from technical difficulties so there was a bit of a delay and we had to take the long route to Bradford. In the end we were late. Even though we tried not to. Luckily the girls were all very lovely and waited for us when we got there.

So after saying our hello’s we set off through the quaint little town towards the little tea house Lottie had booked for us. The Bridge Tea Rooms was very charming and the door was so small, it reminded me of a hobbit house! I’m 5 foot 1 and it barely skimmed my head. We all headed in and got seated upstairs, the place was very old-fashioned in terms of décor since it’s Victorian inspired, the waitress’s were even dressed in Victorian maid outfits. We had quite a big group so we were separated into 3 tables; after we settled down we were given a menu which had the longest list of tea’s I’ve ever read. Since I’m no tea expert I asked for a recommendation and the ‘maid’ was very helpful, I settled for the House Tea, it was delicious. Lottie had also booked a selection of sandwiches, scones and what seemed like a cream and meringue dessert (the name escapes me) for us all to share, it was like a proper tea party and the food was very nice. I would really recommend this place if anyone is visiting Bradford!

We spent about an hour and a half in the tea rooms so by the time we left we had forgotten how cold and windy it was outside. And no loli meet is complete without a group shot! It was amusing trying to get a decent shot with the wind blowing but we managed eventually, and thus set off on a little walk. Since Lottie was the host (plus she lived here) she was our guide, we walked along the riverbank and had some very interesting conversations whilst admiring the scenery, at one point everyone stopped to take pictures of a Herring.

On our walk an old American guy asked if we were dressed as characters of some sort and tried to get a picture of us all, luckily we scurried away since he didn’t ask and was quite creepy. Soon we reached some wooden huts selling little trinkets and wooden furniture and some of us went to have a little browse whilst other chatted outside and was glared at by passer-by’s. Nearby was an empty church-like building so we went exploring and ended up chatting in there for a good half hour whilst frolicking around and a fellow loli interviewed us for her uni project.

Note: Video has a small amount of swearing.

After the boys expressed their boredom we moved on and ended up in a nice warm pub where yet again we chatted more….we are girls after all!

Unfortunately not much happened after that and me, Joe and Summer had a train to catch so we bid our farewells and headed off to the station to our long journey home. We can’t wait to attend even more meet ups in the coming months.

Words: Wai-Yi
Pictures: Monika Bobrek
Video: Hatchi

All images and videos belong to their rightful owners and used within fair use.


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