Kinect 2012, Serious Business?

The Kinect. A family friendly Wii-like add on to the Xbox or Microsoft’s excellent instalment into the race of improving gaming for every one?

The Kinect, original code name ‘Project Natal‘ came out late 2010 and since then, has dominated the gaming motion control market. In my personal opinion, I think Microsoft are ahead of Sony and Nintendo for making the Kinect controller free. Both the Wii and the Playstation Move have a wand like controller. To add to that, Microsoft are even bringing out a version of Kinect for Windows later this year. While this sounds like a brilliant advancement for PC users is it a brilliant advancement in gaming?

Currently, the main offering of games for the Kinect have been family friendly multiplayer games. This is all well and fun, but if I wanted to play family games, I’d get a Nintendo Wii and to be honest Microsoft, its been a year and the most mature game that you have promoted has been Rise of Nightmares! While playing Dance Central with friends is brilliant fun, I want to see the Kinect being used more seriously. The question is, can it?

So, I took a look at the up and coming games of 2012 for the Kinect. Unsurprisingly, there are dancing games like Boom Boom Dance. There might be some light on the horizon for people like me who want to see a more serious side of the Kinect. So what are these games I speak of? Let us begin on a favourite franchise of mine: Fable: The Journey. I must admit, when I first heard they were bringing out a Fable game on the Kinect, I was filled with rage. But as the months progressed, I calmed down. I read updates. And to be honest, now I am quite looking forward to this game. Originally thought to be a shooter (think like Links Crossbow Training), updates from Mister Molyneux himself are promising us a much better game. Molyneux promises us that Fable: The Journey will offer us a bigger, better world of Fable, using our movements to not only shoot enemies, but fire magic and fight too. I will keep my fingers crossed for this one!

Next, the highly thought of franchise of Mass Effect comes to us in a 3rd instalment with Kinect support built in, and it looks very promising. With stunning graphics in game and fluid motion control the game also works with voice recognition, where you speak your options rather than select them on a controller. Mass Effect 3 is offering full game submersion into the world of Commander Shepard. I know that this will be a highly awaited game for fans and there will be a lot of bated breaths until its release.

Moving onto a game we currently do not know much about but has been labelled as ‘a game on the Kinect for the hardcore’ we look at Ryse. Ryse is a hack and slash game created by the developer Crytek. Crytek are the company responsible for the Crysis franchise. Remember when you first played Crysis on the PC on highest settings? I do, and it was beautiful. Even non PC gamers should know Crytek as the much awaited Crysis 2 came out on consoles last year with great success. With Crytek’s current record, Ryse could promise to be a stunning game and with what they have promised it’s sounding great. Lets wait and see!

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The newest game to the Ghost Recon franchise includes motion and voice controlled actions within the game even to a Minority Report style to handling menus and gun options. The demo showing this was stunning and with the promise of motion based gameplay, could this be a solid winner? Will this help in the advancement of controller free FPS? It’s hard to say due to the issues around a controller-less first person shooter game however, from what these up coming games are doing with Kinect we may see this option more optimised in coming releases.

So, for those like me who are looking for a bigger selection of more mature games on the Kinect, there looks like there might be hope on the horizon. We won’t truly know until we get our hands on the games how good they will be, but we can keep hope that 2012 won’t be disappointing to more serious gamers when it comes to the Kinect.

Not only that but with the PC release of Kincet it’s looking like motion control wants to win this year. Let’s see how it does.

Words: Katie Jones
All images used under fair use and belong to their rightful owners.


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