Top 5 Films of 2011

Well guys, its 2012. It’s time to look back at some of the best moments of last year and of course the only way to do that is with films.

It had been a good year for films in 2011, with the build up to ‘The Avengers’ happening in films like ‘Captain America’ and ‘Thor’, we said a sad farewell to the Harry Potter film franchise, we saw the apes rebel in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and we finished off the year with explosive detective work in ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’, while following Ethan Hunt’s fight to clear his teams name in ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’

With so many films to look forward too in 2012 we wanted to put together a list of all the ones you should watch out for. However, before we do that we want to recap on some of the excellent films that we were given in 2011. Our 2012 list will be out later in the week. Let’s look back at my top favourite 5 of 2011.

5. ‘Cowboys and Aliens’

While taking a break from being Bond, James Bond, mister Daniel Craig decided to dip his toe into not one, but two films in 2011 (the other being Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). His first film of the year was a delve into the sci-fi genre, and by my opinion, a bloody good delve!! ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, based on the comics by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, may sound cheesy, but throw those reservations out the window, as this routin’, tootin’, alien behind kickin’ film is an exciting tale of amnesiac Jake finding out who he is and why he wears a strange manacle on his wrist. With the awesome likes of Harrison Ford co starring as the tyrannous Colonel, and sci fi elements popping up in 1800s Arizona, this film is well worth a watch!

4. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

Now, if you are like, and loved Tim Burton’s adaption of the original film, then this was a well anticipated film of 2011 for you! And let me tell you, for me, it didn’t disappoint! Main character, Will Rodman, played by James Franco, works in a lab experimenting with chimps to find the cure for Alzheimers. When a female chimp, who was showing positive results, goes on a mad rampage round the lab and is put down, Will discovers she was only worried about her baby which she had kept hidden. Will decides to take the chimp home to see if it shows the signs of inheriting the side affects of the Alzheimers drugs; heightened intelligence. Caesar, as Will names the chimp, grows up to be a highly intelligent, human chimp. But where there is high intelligence, there is trouble. The Planet of the Apes had to start some where. This is the first revolution.

3. ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2’

Now where would a list of films of 2011 be without Harry Potter? Dominating our screens for the past decade, the massive franchise finally came to an end with the awesome conclusion to ‘The Deathly Hallows’. We grew up with the characters from the books, watched the actors in the films grow up, and fully immersed our imaginations in the magical Wizarding World. In this conclusive film, we see Harry and his friends fighting to look for Voldemort’s Horcruxes, whose destruction is the only means to destroying Voldemort himself. We see the epic final battle take place at the gorgeous location of Hogwarts where we lose friends and see some characters show us what they are truly made of, and lets not forget THAT kiss! In 2011, it all ended. Harry Potter and friends, we salute you. Thank you for making our lives just that little bit more magical for so many years.

2. ‘X-Men: First Class’

Now where would a top 5 of 2011 be without super heroes? ‘X-Men: First Class’ was my TOP superhero film of 2011, beating off the likes of Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern. This prequel to the original trilogy shows a young Xavier and Eric (Prof X and Magneto) as they find each other and become friends, aiming to build a team of young mutants to mentor. Inspiring one of the biggest bromances of the year, ‘X-Men: First Class’ is a heart stopping adventure of mutants vs mutant, a clash of moralities and the ultimate decision between friends. With brilliant action scenes (submarine any one?) and excellent comedy moments, this film is enjoyable to every one, even without knowledge of the franchise.

1. ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’

I’m not going to lie, it was a HUGE difficult decision to chose my top 5, with so many brilliant films out there. Even more of a difficult choice, was choosing my number 1, with Harry Potter and X-Men vying for the place. But in the end, the BRILLIANT ‘A Game of Shadows’ beat Harry Potter and is my NUMBER ONE top film of 2011!! Though this film might be stretching it as being classed as 2011, it highly deserves its place in this list. Possibly even BETTER than the first one, we see Holmes and Watson battling against the supremely intelligent, and highly disturbed, Professor Moriarty. Their adventures take them across Europe, inspire some very…different disguises from Holmes, keeps you on your toes with the action and is cleverly interspersed with well timed comedy. If you haven’t seen it yet GO SEE IT, you definitely won’t be disappointed! The End?

Honourable Mentions: Since there were LOADS of brilliant films in 2011, I thought I’d do a quick honourable mentions! Films that didn’t make the list, but were close; Thor, Captain America, Mission Impossible, One Day, Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean and Bridesmaids.

All views in this are my own. Obviously I will not of seen every film, such as Sucker Punch, so you will have your own top 5. This top 5 was edited quite a bit, especially when I remembered X-Men. What was your top 5 of 2011?!

Words: Katie Jones

All images used under fair use and belong to their rightful owners.


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