Sophie’s art competition

Are you a fan of Japan? Do you like creating artwork? Well then have something to share with you.

Recently we found a fantastic blog all about Japan which had a creative style to it which not only was satisfying to read, but is also creatively written. ‘Sophie’s Japan Blog’ is a weekly blog where she shares and informs her readers on a list of different topics. From sayings to news posts all the way to even giving us a weekly recipe, this blog has it all.

Not only that but at the current moment she is running an artwork contest to help design her new blog banner. We want to support this contest and her blog by sharing it with you all.

The details of the contest are in the above video however, are also below.


* Draw anything you want, from an animal to your favourite anime/manga character to your original character. As long as it’s related to Japan.
* Get your entries in to by 11pm Monday 6th February 2012!
* Like the blog on Facebook ~link~


* The winner’s artwork will be the blog’s new banner AND they can request a special feature for the blog
* 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will also be featured in the blog’s ‘artwork’ section

Don’t forget to spread word about this competition around as well. Sophie will be very grateful for any help in promoting the contest. We plan to keep reminding you all about it as well over the coming weeks.

That’s it. Check out the blog here and follow Sophie on Twitter as well.


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